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4/25 GDT: Predators 2 @ Red Wings 5

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Congrats to sputman for finishing grad school.

Congrats to the Wings for a great win.

Congrats to Fil for his 100th goal.

The Big Red Machine is starting to click. Keep this momentum going into the finale. Win it so everything else is irrelevant. (though tbh part of me would love to see Min drop their final 2 games and Col take the 8 spot behind the Wings. I think they'd give the Hawks a decent run if Bobrovsky stays hot.

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I don't know, Cleary is clutch and always struck me as a playoff-type player. He seems to thrive under the pressure. I admit it is hard to say this when he falls so much during the regular season that he needs to wear extra snow-pants. But he's been doing his role lately, yes? What do forumers think of his game recently? Just curious because I, too, used to wonder why Cleary wasn't playing pee-wee hockey with seven year olds. But it's nice to watch him work so hard, show so much heart, but most important... move the puck to players who can actually do something with it. Maybe Helm could come in for Tootoo cause I wouldn't want to pull anybody (even Cleary) out of the lineup right now. So I get why Bert is sitting.


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