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10/26 GDT Rangers 3 at Red Wings 2 (OT)

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Guest Crymson

Usual awards ceremony:

Best Forward: Henrik Zetterberg. He brought his usual assets to the game. Datsyuk had an off night. Alfredsson gets an honorable mention; he had a very good game as well.

Worst Forward: Daniel Cleary. Cleary was dreadful once again. His inability to properly skate, pass, or shoot obliterates the offense potential of every line he is on. He is likewise unable to defend or grind, making him completely useless on the ice. His presence is to the severe detriment of this team. Joakim Andersson gets the honorable mention for having a likewise terrible game. He was nearby the goal-scorer on both Rangers goals but failing to impede each of them. The Rangers nearly scored another goal while he was on the ice during overtime.

Best Defenseman: Danny DeKeyser. He was solid. Honorable mention goes to Niklas Kronwall, who was likewise pretty good.

Worst Defenseman: Kyle Quincey. After playing quite well in three of the past four, Quincey’s performance took a dump again; he took two idiotic penalties, wasted several good scoring chances, and blew coverage on the game-winning goal. In possibly related news, he was paired with Smith again, though this was not the case on the overtime goal. Honorable mention goes to the latter.

MVP: Jimmy Howard. This was an obvious choice.

Goat: Kyle Quincey. Though I'd have loved to give this to Cleary---and would have, if not for how the game ended---this choice was an obvious one as well.

Overall grade: D. The Red Wings are playing awful hockey. This starts with the defense. It is beyond me why so many shots are being surrendered this season; this was especially on display tonight, and to give up so many opportunities to an injury-devastated Rangers team was inexcusable.. Offense was poor also. The team is highly disjointed, and I do not know why. It has the tools needed to win, as it proved earlier on.

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perfect ending to the game.

Bad decision by Q, DeKeyser gets caught trying to cover. Clean breakaway on Jimmy.

Yup, Quincy was almost caught a few times tonight trying to knock the puck in or pinch. That time, he paid for trying to make something happen.

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