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12/6 GDT 7:00PM: Red Wings 3 at Devils 1

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Agreed about not piling on Howie, but I'm thrilled to see Monster playing well. If the Wings call up Mrazek next year to back up Jimmy as expected, Gustavsson is playing his way into a new deal. Good for him, especially after his injury problems last year.

i dont wanna be handcuffed with gustavsson when mrazek is almost ready ..hes so young so i dont know if he would be better off with another year in the ahl or starting like 25 games as a backup and maybe taking over the next year ( i personally think mrazek is our future number 1 and gonna be an elite #1)

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So here's a fun fact. The Griffins have outscored their opponents 39-18 the past 10 games (including tonight). Aside from the first 2 home games, back in October, they have scored at least 5 goals at home (also including tonight).

Yup a strong veteran presence is always key, thanks goodness for all those goals by the experienced players. Least we know that the future knows how to play well at home.

the kids are our future id love to see sheahan callahan and ferraro get some games in this year , maybe send down emmerton tonight for one of those 3 to play tomorrow

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