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3/11 GDT: Red Wings 1 at Blue Jackets 4

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Umm, on a very random note, is anyone else having issues with the Emerald page ads completely blocking sections of the page with no way to close them? And on that note, have the ads seemed more out of control lately to anyone else? Is there a booster level I could pay to so I could get an ad-free experience here? This is getting painful...

Edit: Here's a screenshot of what every page looks like. I can't see anything behind the bars and I can't figure out how to make them go away. Looks like I might finally have to look into getting some sort of ad blocker.

I had the same issue today so I switched to google chrome and it works great.

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I walked in right before Columbus scored, saw them score, then heard about how the Wings have been dominating. All I've seen is Columbus dominating...

I think you need to turn off the TV. For the sake of the Wings. We'll keep you updated. :bye1:

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