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WCF: (6) California Dreamin' v (5) The Night Chicago Died

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Step 1 - Watch the Blackhawks move the puck out of their zone.

Step 2 - Watch the Red Wings (try to) move the puck out of their zone.

Step 3 - Cry.

Step 4 - Wait 2-3 years without having to go through 10 years of pathetic hockey and wellfare picks

Step 5 - Watch the Red Wings move the puck out of their zone

Step 6 - Smile


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The Hawks, er, THE CORE is at the tipping point (if it weren't for Kane in OT the media would say it) that they have played an awful lot of playoff hockey lo these last 6 and 7 years. As Red Wings fans well know at some point when you play that many more high intensity finish every check games than the other teams the inevitable happens, your legs and bodies just get tired.

After watching last night it's apparent the Kings are a far worse matchup than the Ducks would have been for Big Chief One Song. Now they head back to the "House that Cartman Built" and the Kings are looking good.

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Watching those highlights, I wonder if there is ever a game where Queneville doesn't go berserk and act like a raging old drunk.

I wonder this every time I see him behind the bench. I think his record is 38 minutes.

Part of it is he has such an angry looking face. He even said in his presser today that he woke up today feeling angry.

Sometimes I wonder if it's all just the 'stache. It's clearly a demonic entity with a mind and will all its own.

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