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All Purpose Grand Rapids Griffins Thread

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Those are the kinds of goals I want to see him scoring. I'm glad when he gets on the score board cleaning up trash in front of the crease, but I want to see him developing his shot at the pro level. Any big body can bang in a rebound, but a big body that can bang in rebounds AND pick the corners is lethal. Just ask Rick Nash and Jeff Carter.

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I stopped clicking on it because it seems to not get updates. Since LGW seems to be slowing down considerably these last few years, it's better to consolidate.

Agreed... even the Rumors/Trade section stuff doesn't get much love. It all just ends up in every other thread.

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I'm sure they're not too worried about it. If I recall correctly they've got a pretty good shooter too.



But yeah, the Caps are one of the hottest teams in the league. I don't think they're too worried about Pulkinnen. If anything, Detroit fans should be pretty nervous about Saturday's game. But I digress.

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