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Cast a Hockey Player for a Movie

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Take the genre of film, and pick what hockey player you feel like would fit right in a role in these kinds of movies.

Science Fiction - Pavel Datsyuk

Has an almond shaped head, looks alien-like in appearance. Skill level is extraterrestrial. I could see him as a green skinned visitor from another world.

Western - Mike Fisher

Put a cowboy hat on him and you wouldn't have to do much more. He looks like he was born to play the role of a rough and tough cowboy in an old West action film.

Comedy - Jiri Hudler

What better guy to be in a comedy that not only looks the part, but has the nickname "Happy Hudler" that associates him with his demeanor?

Horror - Scott Hartnell

He's ugly, scary ugly. Could fit into roles as the creepy slasher, or a bit of makeup and become a monster or a mutant. A face like that is made for terror.

Romance - Henrik Lundquist

He looks like he should be in a Nicholas Sparks film, not tending the net in New York. General consensus of many females is he's "dreamy" including my wife.

Drama - Alex Semin

You don't know what you are gonna get with this guy, there is so much on again, off again, with negative press and the constant center of any team's problems. Ideal Drama candidate.

Action/Thriller - Matt Martin

Proven time and time again that he's a force, plays strong, fights hard, and has the vibe of an action star that would have a presence and will to kick ass and blow stuff up for 90 minutes.

Feel free to add genres as you see fit as well. Something to burn the time for a few days before we get our Wings hockey back.

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Henrik Zetterberg and Dylan Larkin as Sherlock Holmes and Watson in Sherlock Holmes movies.

Johan Franzen as The Untertaker in WWE (not a movie but I guess TV show)

Pavel Datsyuk in any comedy movie.

Henrik Zetterberg in "The Revenant"

Peter Mrazek in remake of The Godfather as younger Vito Carleone.

Brenden Smith in Zoolander doing something stupid

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