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New arena construction updates

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2 hours ago, kickazz said:

He is a lyrical genius though. He comes up with lyrics on the spot. Regardless of the type of music whether it's Rap, Rock, Country, Hip Hop, R&B, there are very few people in this world who can come up with good lyrics on the spot and sing it. Eminem is a rare breed that can do such a thing. Not only that he also broke the record for most words in a song. Approx 6.05 words per second. One of the few rappers to win an Oscar award. as well. 

And the reason he's "famous" in Detroit/ USA is because this was a bastard kid that grew up on the streets with a whory mom that didn't provide for him and basically is a self made success/millionaire. Not only that but even with his trash of a past he managed to not only become the most successful musician in modern era but also raised a daughter as a single dad that ended up becoming the valedictorian of her high school. In a way he represents Detroit itself, a city torn up during the civil rights era that's finally rebuilding itself.

The dude isn't just a rap god, dude is a role model. 


Cena is better.

1 hour ago, ChristopherReevesLegs said:

ICP is the acronym for insane clown posse. Did u not know that? How dumb you must feel...

Really?  I always thought it was the Italian Communist Party.  Though I guess they don't exist anymore under that name.

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1 hour ago, ChristopherReevesLegs said:

Devils Unveil Largest In-Arena Scoreboard In The World

Just when my 90s hatred of the Devils had all but faded away, they go and pull a move like this

Our Cube sh*ts on your scoreboard. ours' still a wip


All Hail The Mighty Cube!

Edited by NerveDamage

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