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10/30 GDT : Ottawa Senators 3 at Red Wings 1

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I'm usually not one of these guys but we are clearly undersized. We look really slow too for some reason

This for me is the point of concern. Speed is generally not a weakness for this team, and all the skill in the world doesn't make up for it.

better than most of the other games we played this season.

Agreed. Fewer egregious defensive mistakes. More offensive chances. But we got no bounces our way, no help from the referees, and we're not moving our feet. I think the fact that Blashill seems to be making progress on the defensive front is hopeful for fixing the speed issue, but that's also a much harder thing to deal with. Hopefully our guys are just tired. They've had some periods that made them look like Cup contenders. Consistency in generating chances is key. Then we have to get a bounce or two.

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Wondering what they've all been doing during training camp! No one is skating! The defense is OMG!!!

Looks like our playoff appearance streak is done this year!

Everyone wanted this new coach, and man does he have the words to get the players to transcend themselves?

The wings have lost their soul in the process!

Nyquist, tatar, helm, sheahan, jurco.... Absolutely far under their level!

Kindl is a joke.

Kronwall has made a terrible season debut!

Smith, ericsson.... bad as usual!

Why is our 4th line better than the 2nd and 3rd????

Blashill is getting himself lost into the line changes!!! changing the pairings several times in like 2 shifts!!!! sure way to go!

If we had last year goaltending, i think we wouldn't have won a game so far this season!

Is the Dead Wings era coming back already???

Pathetic, Anemic.... That's what characterizing the team in 2 words!

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I oils like to call this a slump but it is not. This is a team that is outworked. They appear to be lost. Their passes don't connect very often. Do they even know who they're trying to pass to? In scrambles in front of the net, there is not one defenceman who can take out a player. However, in the corner, they knock a player down for a penalty.

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