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03/26 GDT: Wild versus Red WIngs - 12:30 pm

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Just now, hardcoretom21 said:

Is it me or has Nielsen looked completely invisible and/or useless lately?

Looks lost and doesn't appear to give a damn.  I noticed in this game....

I think this team lost it's idenity too when they put up the wrong ideology.  May be go back to "To whom much is given, much is expected".  

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4 minutes ago, Y19 said:

LOL, Edzo STILL complaining about subtle interference, but he kind of admitted that we don't do it anymore.

He's always been tormented by the Wings and their success.  Let it go, let go....Edzo.

I agree with that writer.  That's why I love the Joe and went to the Joe....."Just Hockey"

Edited by Hockeymom1960

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