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10/30 Spoopy GDT - Dead Things @ Boo Rackets - 7:00 PM ET

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3 minutes ago, ChristopherReevesLegs said:

Typo? It's spelled "essay"

Is the plural of Rasmussen "Rasmeecen"?

asking for a friend

  1. (in Spanish-speaking regions) used as a form of address for a man.
    "I told him all about you, ese"
1 minute ago, NerveDamage said:


Thanks for clearing that up esé !


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Great pickup by Mickey -- if Larkin doesn't swat Jones's stick away there, the goal doesn't happen.

Just now, TLGTrico said:

A 2 goal lead in a second straight game?  What sorcery is this?

Right?? Some serious spoopery is afoot tonight.

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