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11/6 Keep the Faith GDT - Canucks @ Red Wings - 7:30 PM ET

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I mean, let's be honest, the Wings don't deserve to be tied right now. That would've been our eighth shot on goal.

Larkin back on the ice. Hopefully it's just a bruised pooper. Never really know how serious in-game injuries are until after the game. "Turns out he shattered his spine. Amazing that he was able to get back on the ice."

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6 minutes ago, Dabura said:
  • Abdelkader (3) PPG from Larkin (10) and Green (4)

Wait, NHL.com lied. It was an unassisted goal.

I feel like that shouldn't stand. Hopefully it gets changed.

End of 2nd. Wings trail 1-2.

Wings showing some life, generating some chances. This is a winnable game.

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