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11/23 Black Friday Madness GDT - Wings at Caps - 4 PM ET

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Wings lose. 1-3.


Tough loss to take. Wings certainly had their chances, just couldn't convert. Power play was garbage.

Bernier should've had the Wilson goal and maybe he should've had the Ovechkin goal, but I hang this loss on the skaters, especially the forwards.

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7 minutes ago, Jonas Mahonas said:

There was 0 hype for this game.

Nah man! Hockeymom and I brought the HYPE! in two separate GDTs. That's 2x the normal HYPE! Wings just didn't hold up their end of the bargain. :glare:

The really frustrating thing is they almost did. Had a hell of a start, owned the puck, outshot the Caps by a wide margin, got the first goal. Even when the Caps woke up and decided to play, we still had a ton of chances over the course of the game. Just couldn't buy a goal.

Even though we've been winning a lot of these close one-goal games, the big thing I'm taking away from them is the same big thing I took away from all of our close one-goal losses last season: We could really, really use a lights-out goal-scorer, or at least greater scoring depth.

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13 hours ago, kylee said:

Why did we sign a below average career backup to a 3 year deal again?

Funny no one said this when he made 87 saves in back to back wins vs Carolina and Jersey. Like the rest of the team, Bernier has been great during all this winning. Had just a fair outing last night. 

Also, he's very much an above average backup. Anyone who thinks otherwise is either just looking for a reason to complain / criticize management, or doesn't really know wtf is up. 

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