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12/6 Trying GDT - Ref Wings @ Maple Refs - 7:00 PM ET

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8 minutes ago, NerveDamage said:

are curly fries still a thing?

6 minutes ago, Jonas Mahonas said:

***** Fries already?


3 minutes ago, Mckinley25 said:

This team is an absolute blast to watch.

We're bringing that '80s hockey back. :bounce:

Just now, Jonas Mahonas said:

It's our left wing lock that's giving everyone a sense of dullness.

Maybe it's The Babcock Effect that we always heard people complaining about when he was behind our bench.

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  • Green (3) from Frk (2) and Nyquist (18) - DET 4, TOR 1

Kronwall hits Matthews shoulder-to-shoulder going into the corner, Matthews goes flying into the boards in a really scary way. Was shaken up, but he seems to be ok...? Kronwall to the sin bin for "boarding," though it was probably interference.

So: PK.

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