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In Topic: Red Wings acquire Erik Cole, conditional 3rd from Stars

01 March 2015 - 07:46 PM

Two prospects that were buried behind better prospects here, for a guy who can help us this year and perhaps beyond if signed.

The prospects get a more reasonable shot a making the show, we add some size and grit. Looks win-win to me.

In Topic: Tatar Signs 3 Year Deal $2.75 mill AAV

28 July 2014 - 11:40 PM

Also I still hate the "diesel" nickname

It is aweful. And quite arbitrary... Luckily few people are using it, which speaks to it's quality as a nickname.

In Topic: Dekeyser signed. 2 yrs $2.187 million AAV

22 July 2014 - 11:41 AM

I think Diesel should get about $3M max. I would prefer $2.5M.  Lets consider the possibility that Kindl may likely be gone, so that would free up $2.4M.  If Diesel was going to get $3M, then if Holland gave him a bit more, it wouldn't hurt the cap too much.  I would like $2.5M to $3M, but I would be upset if he got $3M to $4M. We have to get him locked up. He chose Detroit over all the other teams who were throwing offers to him, Holland needs to exercise his well known loyalty contract and show his appreciation for choosing Detroit.  No lowballing, no this is Detroit, no we are farmers...none of that.  Its time for a change in philosophy.  Start showing the FA's out there that you are willing to pay quality players, quality money and they may start taking notice.  Stop paying your below average players the same amount of money you are offering the high end UFA's and things will change.
If we dumped Kindl, I wouldn't mind seeing Diesel and Tatar getting a combined $5M-$6M...with Diesel getting the bulk share of course.

By Diesel do you mean Kevin Nash? Cause thats a horrible nickname that I really hope doesn't catch on.

In Topic: Dekeyser signed. 2 yrs $2.187 million AAV

17 July 2014 - 05:17 PM

I think that's being awfully generous...  I was thinking more along the lines of Killorn in Tampa. Probably at a slightly less annual average.
*I'm referring to possible salary comparisons not types of players.

Me too... I think Tatar is a guy who we and management severely under rate. And since many of our younger players are held down in the minors I don't have a problem with them wanting to get paid once they finally get promoted. For many of them their NHL careers are 1-2 seasons shorter than they would be with any other organization.

In Topic: Dekeyser signed. 2 yrs $2.187 million AAV

17 July 2014 - 05:00 PM

Who do people think is a good comparable for Tatar? (non-Wing)

Kadri in Toronto.