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    Farewell To Joe Louis Arena

    Since reality is setting in that the Joe is not long for this Earth, I had to fly my drone to 3d map the building so it will live on. 996 photos (around 5GB) make up this 12.02 gigapixel model. It took about 30 minutes total to capture over the course of 3 batteries. Probably somewhere around 5 miles total of flying zig zag back and forth across it to capture all angles. https://www.altizure.com/s/Sy4qAzMDZ
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    Off-season moves

    It will work itself out, it always does. Someone will get injured in training camp / pre-season, and just when that player is ready to come back, someone else will get injured... Kronwall likely ends up on LTIR at some point this season. Also, despite the rumours from last season, Sheahan won't get us a first.
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    Off-season moves

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    Keep Your Stick On the Ice

    Michael Rasmussen

    https://www.nhl.com/redwings/news/2017-first-round-pick-michael-rasmussen-agrees-to-terms/c-290601356 Rasmussen signs entry level deal