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    2020 Draft Thread

    I don't think the Devils would trade 7 and 17, but the Ducks could be willing to trade 6 and 31, if they really want to get their guy at 4. I'd consider the Ducks trade, if there were multiple players I really like, and I'd definitely do the Devils trade. Getting another top 20 pick in this draft would be huge for the Red Wings. I'm hoping Yzerman can weaponize some of that cap space before the draft, and acquire another late 1st round pick. Vancouver would be a prime candidate with Eriksson, but I don't think they have their 1st this year, do they?
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    2020 Draft Thread

    I wonder if the rumour last draft was true? That Stevie Y had no takers to move back a few spots and still get Seider. I wonder if he has a similar idea (if true) this time around, assuming none of the big 3 fall to #4? The Ducks have 6 , 31 and 36. We could talk. Jersey has 7 and 17. We could talk. Actually those would be a couple of good targets if moving back was in the cards. Thoughts? my bright and more knowledgeable new friends?
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    The 91 of Ryans

    2020 Draft Thread

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    One of the best signings ever

    I have a theory that @ChristopherReevesLegs and @krsmith17 are two competing personalities trapped in the same body and use the same device to unknowingly argue with each on here.