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  1. I remember the forum here made the same remark about his suit last year, must be a superstitious thing on his part...

    the last two times they won the cup they touched the trophy,2008 they didn't touch it. There was no way they weren't going to handle it tonight.
  3. 2016 SCF: San Jose Sharks vs. Pittsburgh Penguins

    I feel a little of what you guys were putting up with in 2008-2009 With 17-21 NHL.com analyst on si.com predicting the sharks to win the cup it's hard not to see the swooning taking place for the sharks. You guys here seem to be giving the Pens a little more credit I see to my surprise.
  4. 2016 SCF: San Jose Sharks vs. Pittsburgh Penguins

    No, the Pens don't like that much....Bettman will only allow this maneuver when he feels he has an aging Red Wings team on the ropes and he can secure his boy, Cindy the cup
  5. Shero & Bylsma Fired

    yeah I suck, I'll be out of here real soon. Last midnight might have been the last feeding I gave Cindy :-) Listening to a Pittsburgh sports talk show as I write this, three guesses who they are talking about as a replacement for me ? Last name begins with B and ends with K
  6. Weekend Picks: Week 27 Reminder

    thanks juice, you deserved the victory anyway you look at it, you had the highest aggregate score, and the highest drop 1 score (as the PT site was reporting) What a strange season it was, I was 18 points behind mid season and clawed back to only about 3 points back just to finish 14 points behind again lol The pooltracker site does one thing well in keeping count of everyone's weekly aggregate score which is the time consuming part. I don't know what will take place next season but keep in mind that although the site is flawed it does save a lot of time. Maybe there is another site out there that does it all well. I'm burned out as usual at the end of the season and is the reason I don't participate in the playoff contest. I think I may take the year off next year in helping with the weekly contest.
  7. Weekend Picks: Week 27 Reminder

    congrats to all 3 of you elite players at this game. GoWings1905,juice and hooon, obviously you have superior all around hockey knowledge !
  8. Weekend Picks: Week 27 Reminder

    I wonder if he knows he won ?
  9. Weekend Picks: Week 27 Reminder

  10. Weekend Picks: Week 27 Reminder

    juice, did you go to bed while LA was still winning or something? an overtime victory by San Jose and you're the new champ by 2 points 303 to 301 congratulations ! I'll post all the totals in a little bit.
  11. Weekend Picks: Week 27 Reminder

    it all comes down to the final game, if San Jose wins Juice71285 takes the overall title and if LA wins hooon ties in the overall point total and wins the title on the tie breaker !
  12. Weekend Picks: Week 27 Reminder

    see above^^^
  13. Weekend Picks: Week 27 Reminder

    had to delete what I originally posted here,jumped the gun a little bit...still up for grabs, didn't take into account the 2 late games
  14. Weekend Picks: Week 26 Reminder