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  1. Oh ok right on, I am in Kelowna. Not many on here will know where that is but you certainly will
  2. Ill double check what seats I have when I get home from work and post them on here for sure! Where you hail from Nerve?
  3. Ill be at the Holiday Inn on Washington boulevard!
  4. I will also be making my first trip to Detroit (from Western Canada )in just over a week to see them play at the Joe! I am going to see them against the Pens and Habs. Thanks for all this info guys I cant wait to go. I will be staying at a hotel only a couple blocks from the arena, what are the best bars/breweries within walking distance? Cheers
  5. Didn't Hudler get awarded a contract from arbitration back in 2009? Maybe I'm mistaken edit I missed the part you mentioned about Hudler. im an idiot. Carry on...
  6. Wouldnt mind landing both Nielsen and Okposo from the Islanders. Zetterberg - Larkin - Abdelkader Tatar- Nielsen - Okposo Nyquist - Athanasiou - Mantha Jurco- Sheahan - Glendenning Pulkkinen Miller
  7. Fabbro would be a fantastic pick. I watched him a lot this year and he is great in all areas.
  8. I fully agree about McLeod. If we take a forward he has to be top of the list. Crazy fast, great hands, and good size at 6'2" 190lbs.
  9. I am really hoping we draft a d man in the first round (unless a forward too good to pass up falls to us) I would be thrilled if we were able to trade up to land either Juolevi or Sergachyov (but very very unlikely) More likely would be to land one of Chychrun (seems to be sliding but may not slide far enough) Bean ( best offensive d in the draft ) Fabbro(watched a lot of him this season down just south of me in Penticton and loved what I saw) McAvoy (seems solid in all areas) Would also love to grab Lucas Johansen in the 2nd (watched loads of his games here in Kelowna and would be a steal for us if it happened) If we went for a forward in the first round I would be happy with McLeod, Gauthier, Jones if we stay at our current position. If we trade down I wouldn't mind Grundstrom, Rubtsov or Stanley. Any way you look at it, I think we will be coming out of the 1st round with a very solid prospect on our hands. Exciting times!
  10. Western Conference: Wild v. Stars = Stars in 5 Hawks v. Blues = Hawks in 6 Sharks v. Kings = Kings in 7 Preds v. Ducks = Ducks in 6 Eastern Conference: Islanders v. Panthers = Panthers in 7 Wings v. Lightning = Wings in 7 Flyers v. Caps = Caps in 5 Rags v. Pens = Pens in 7
  11. Do you mean Larsson?
  12. ha
  13. per Bob McKenzie edit* andeRsson