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  1. Somebody beat me to it.
  2. I would not, could not trade Larkin for Trouba. oof. Too much "Green Eggs and Ham"
  3. Th' Peg has an entire year (and probably a new head coach) to play Trouba before they really need to consider moving him. So, you're unlikely to get him for a middle/lower 1st and a "lower level player." IF you're sold on getting Trouba -- you're gonna have to pay to get Trouba.
  4. Trouba + their pick for [DWR Player of choice] + our pick ?
  5. Trouba for pick. Straight up. No chasers.
  6. Highly underrated by a lot of LGRW (highly overrated by EU0) Feel like they have worked better in other systems (especially Huddles) and nobody appreciates a second line center like Filppula until they're gone. Sure, never gonna be a number one, but goddamn if he ain't a solid SOLID number two. The later never got to see the ice here so of course ppl look and say, "Hey! WAIT! They wouldve been great!"
  7. I'm surprised that ppl are giving up on Dekeyser and want him out... he's certainly young enough to develop into a solid #2 guy. He's not the #1 that we all need, but to toss him out over an off year? Of course, this is kinda the rationale and pass I once gave Ericsson so maybe I just need keep my big yapper shut.
  8. God DAMN, I wish capgeek was still around... Comparing Franzen's contract -- 11 yr(s) / $43,500,000 and a CAP HIT of $3.9 (the guy is actually making $5million/season in salary for six of the eleven years with it declining sharply over the last 4 of the 11 years) -- to what Helm is making annually SEVEN YEARS LATER, is silly. http://www.spotrac.com/nhl/detroit-red-wings/johan-franzen-1685/ Market value is different than seven years ago. It's a simple fact. Should we trade Helm for some picks. Hell yeah. If "all these teams" that supposedly wanted him, still want him -- Trade away. ...but Franzen's cap hit (when that contract was signed and the type of contract) and scoring (which was streaky both in nature and even more spotty once he was really unable to continue playing) have nothing to do with what Darren Helm is being paid in 2016 -2017. Your bias is showing, Lefty. What I'm doing with this team: 1. Relieve Blash of his duties 2. Waive Riley Sheahan 3. Trade Vanek, Smith, Tatar at Trade Deadline
  9. via St. James. Blash on Jurco:
  10. 1. Anyone that's on IR. Eff those guys. They're the worst players! They can't even play! 2. Any player that's averaging less than 20 minutes of ice time per game. There's 3 twenty-minute period in the game, no? You're telling me these guys can't stick it out for 1/3 of a game. Horrendous. 3. Any goal not named Jared Coreau. He's the only guy with more wins than losses. Those other keepers? Losers. 4. Jonathan Ericsson. Despite all the good vibes I send that guy... How much I wish and want him to do better for this team... or at least to put forth a good showing for enough games that some team decides they want to take his horrible stinking contract and his dumb, always out of position, puck-giving up, soft as butter behind off our hands. No appreciation for all my hard work. 5. Drew Miller. Don't be Danny Cleary 2.0 Take a PTO with whatever team your bro is playing for next year and if things don't work out call it a career. Either that or do some twin magic with Patty Eaves. Oh wait. You guys actually look nothing alike. Nevermind... just pack it in, brah. You were my boy, Drew. Now you're just a swirling old grey hair clog in a drain that is our forward roster jam... and take that other broken down old man, Steve Ott with you.
  11. WOOOO!
  12. Isn't at least a start? *shrug*
  13. Drew Miller waived to make room for Kronwall for today's game against Rangers.
  14. I always thought he was KMFQ. Michael Foster.
  15. *ahem* *Points at wings_fanatic*