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  1. Ken Holland contract extension watch

    They might go up, but not into our GM position (hopefully). Drapes is no where near qualified (yet), and has really no authority as of now. He needs more experience. IMO...a good GM is one that has a HUGE rolodex of contacts/relationships within the league, and can basically immediately establish communications with every team on certain items (e.g. trades, who's on our trading block, what the other team thinks of certain players we are interested in, etc.). That takes a while to establish. IMO...Stevie likely had an easier path to becoming a GM because...because....he's Steve frickin Yzerman. As Krsmith17 mentions above, which I completely agree, I'd like to see someone outside the organization that has a proven track record. I'd be okay with taking a little bit of risk on maybe a younger, up and coming, likely a stud, front office guy, but only to a certain point.
  2. Looks like we are right!!

    Easy. It may becoming apparent that Kenny had a great staff/support system around him that contributed to a lot of success as a front office and team. However, to be fair, Kenny has done some great things for this organization. The "loyalty" card is being overplayed a bit....a lot of the "loyalty" was dictated by his boss...Mr. Ilitch. A good number of our core players who have retired or moved on have talked about their personal, close relationship with Mr. and Mrs. Ilitch. So, yes Kenny has done a below average job the past five years or so, but to make a statement that he's always been incompetent is absurd.
  3. Targets for the Wings

  4. 3 Bold Predictions for 2016-2017

    1. Steve Ott is hands down most popular player on the Wings 2. Jimmy Howard is traded, and has a lot of "not so nice" things to say about Detroit 3. One of our bench assistance coaches won't be here by March
  5. Pulkkinen claimed by Minnesota Wild

    Totally agree with this. I think since most of us (or some) follow the team so closely we often get bias toward our prospects real comparative NHL caliber talent and real street value. I mean we watch some of these guys when they're in Traverse City at one of our camps and their like 18 years old. We see/hear/read some positive flashes from these guys and the next thing you know...they're the next up -and-coming Wings superstar. The NHL now pulls the top players from around the world and no longer a Canadian/USA majority league...Their are only 690 players that can say at any given time that they are on an NHL team. You may have flashes at Traverse City, you may even play in GR...but the chances are slim that your talented enough to play in the NHL.
  6. Official 2016 Detroit Red Wings Offseason Thread

    I see what you're saying to a degree. Just a slight counter-point on this, more to your referencing the PP. In this day and age of technology, teams have video on opposing teams at their fingertips and even have a full time positions with "Video" in their job title (Wings have two). They even have video on the other teams via their iPads on the bench during games. Changing lines up and giving your team, or PP unit different "looks" at times can be also part strategy. I've heard Joel Quenneville state this a few times in interviews over the past few years. Even back 10 years ago video and opposition analysis wasn't nearly as developed as it is today. So, when the other teams know your tendencies, know where you break down, know how to better open shooting lanes, etc...it makes it much easier to develop a winning strategy as a team. I'll be clear though, if you have a top 5 PP unit, or top 5 line in the league, you're not, or very unlikely to make any changes. Understood..."beat us if you can". But the days of a team jumping on the ice and having a "rough idea" of what the other team is going to throw at them and developing an effective strategy on the "fly" are over.
  7. Official 2016 Detroit Red Wings Offseason Thread

    I'd love for him to score 20ish (+/- 5) with 50 (+/-10) points and not over-impress, and sign him to a longer deal at a lower cost. If he explodes, he's be in a position of power in the negotiations.
  8. 5 Questions with Ken Holland

    He's being very realistic about the situation/problem he created. Wow...what a luxury that must be. I'm going to go tell our CEO that I'm going to be average...maybe above average (we'll see...fingers crossed!) in today's meeting with our major client.... because I got wasted last night and didn't get home until 4 am. I'm sure he'll appreciate me being realistic and calling a spade a spade.
  9. Not necessarily just because of injury would we have to chance to move him. That's why God created teams like Calgary, Toronto, Buffalo, NY Islanders, and Edmonton ....to make horrific deals. Didn't you know that??
  10. "ALL"?? "far superior"?? Woa....I get your point, but that's a little strong. Jimmy isn't that bad. Reality check. He's not a top 10 goalie in the league...but he's not in the bottom 10 either.
  11. Glendening signs 4-year, $1.8m AAV extension

    Kenny's on the phone with Chris Prongers agent right now. This is going to be awesome!! :|
  12. Official 2016 Detroit Red Wings Offseason Thread

    My list would include Abby and AA. btw..saw Abby on Monday night. He's got the shaved head going. He looks a lot meaner.
  14. Official - Little Caesars Arena

    The last page of this thread......This is why we can't have nice things
  15. Official - Little Caesars Arena

    That's sports in 2016. It will only get worse with increased sponsorship involvement (e.g. sponsor logos on jerseys, etc.). I guess i don't really care. If this helps our ownership continue to remain financially solid and able to provide this team with all the financial backing/resources needed to continue to run one of the best organizations in all of sports....then I'm okay with it. I do like the above suggestion of just calling it the Caesars Center though.