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New Spam-Prevention Initiative

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I hope this is a thread - but if not - I'm glad the Wing's got Dallas Drake back, I watched him play at NMU, played pool against him at the bar. He had a house on Lakewood Lane in Marquette when he was relatively new in the NHL and got to party there with the other pucks. It's great to see him finish his career where he started. Just don't keep leading with your face Dally!!! :clap:

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Now that we're in the off-season, I'm going to institute a new method of spam prevention that will affect everyone that currently has an active membership here.

Fret not, however, as it's nothing that will permanently affect your account.

All current members and new sign-ups will be placed in a new Member Group called "Spam Check". This group will NOT have the ability to start any new threads until they reply in a thread once. Since the spambots that have plagued this forum for the bulk of the past year or so only start new threads, they will be restricted from that functionality.

For all current and new, legit members, all you have to do is reply in any thread once, and you will be able to start new topics if you would like to do so. Every week the "Spam Check" group will get purged, so if you do sign up, make sure to reply in a topic quickly (heck, even use this one) or your account may get deleted by routine housecleaning.

Of course, there may be more "advanced" spambots to get around this restriction, but this safeguard should eliminate the vast majority from clogging up these forums.

seems smart to me

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