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Pasha 13

RFA/UFA Signings

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So you are admitting only the impossible would give you satisfaction???

The Wings trade Hudler, Flip and a top level prospect to WPG for Bogo, possibility.

Maybe the Wings see if Nas is interested in getting rid of Suter (doubt it whole same division thing).

Matt Carle looks to be expendable.

What about Wideman?

First you want a blockbuster but then Ian White is ok with you?

What I am saying is I don't think we are a better team unless we do the impossible right now.

Raf was a huge loss. Wideman would be an okay addition and would help the power play which is going to be AWFUL next year. Carle wouldn't improve anything and cost us more than Hudler.

Bogo would be a great addition, but it wouldn't make us as good as we were last year.

That is all I am saying, we need to make a massive splash just to break even. I don't like hearing that.

Holland can make impossible happen, so I am hoping he does it. I don't expect it though. But something like that is what is needed to become favourites for the cup again.

I am okay with many moves, but I don't think that makes us the best team in the league.


EDIT: at this point getting rid of Flip for Bogo would be a step back unless we landed Richards.

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WOW Good for Erik Cole, he just won the lottery!

Has he ever produced on any other line?

EDIT LOL: Dragonballgtz you beat me to the line!

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Yay, Owen Nolan will be affordable so of course, Kenny will sign him. Haha.

Please tell me he Kenny has some sort of plan. We have 10 million left!!!

We need a top 4 d-man and a backup goalie. We could also afford a top 6 forward easily.

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