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4/7 GDT : Blackhawks 3 at Red Wings 2

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Positives going into the playoffs

1. PK is looking much better

2. Franzen is awake and might actually have an effect (he scores as I type this)

3. Relatively healthy

4. Howie seems to be on his game (and healthy)

5. With the exception of Kindl, the defense seems to be picking up loose players/loose pucks


1. No chemistry or confidence (maybe a comeback here will help)

2. Missing Helm is huge

3. PP still looks lost

4. Way too many neutral zone turnovers

5. 1st period has been dreadful.

6. Play on the road has been equally bad. I do think this one means less once the playoffs start.

7. Coaching. Not sure how much a negative this is but the fact that we have looked so bad at times ( long losing streaks) and can't score I thought BABS and Co. deserve some of the blame


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Since the Central division came into existence in 1993 the Wings have won it 13 times and were 2nd 4 times. That's 17 seasons, 13 wins and 4 runner-ups. Let's hope that streak continues.

I was just thinking about that, fourth doesn't even seem fathomable.

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