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WCQF Game Three GDT : Predators 3 at Red Wings 2

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Just got out of the shower from the 2nd intermission and I guess I didn't see anything nor miss anything as score is still 2-1 or now 3-1. This is just like 03, 04, & 06 when the other teams goalie robbed our team big time e.g. Gigere, Kypersoff, & Melason! Wings are Done!

This is NOTHING like that. Rinne isn't stealing this series. Look beyond the surface. I don't know how the wings have 40+ shots. Most of them have been easy saves. The wings have not finished and have had wide open nets, and the Preds are out hustling and faster. That wasn't the case in those years.

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Sure would be nice if the Wings would show up before the 3rd period. Thats something you expect from a young team not a veteran one. Despite what people think Detroit does not have good depth. They have mediocre depth in that all there depth players are mediocre. The 3rd and 4th line on this team dont scare anyone.

Nashville is in Franzens head

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We're not very good. Time to face facts. Blaming the referring isn't going to get you anywhere. Good teams find a way to overcome obstacles put in their path, be it injuries, s***ty reffing, stellar goaltending.....we've done none of those things, and we're lucky to not be facing an 0-3 hole. We split in Nashville, which I wasn't expecting.

Well, there you go. Preds in 5.

At least we're not going to be swept. Silver lining, and all.

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