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Andreas Athanasiou

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Still would like to see get to 215-220 but he's turning into a beast

Can't find the link, but there was interviews with some of his coaches were saying his frame could handle another 20-30lbs,but theyre trying to keep his speed where it is.

Bertuzzis size, helms speed and,(this is the only stretch so far) datsyuks mitts.....

I pray for such things on the wings.

He'll be a beaut.

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I've been excited about him since I seen his first highlight video.

Its hard to say hell be a top six guy, but I think hell be in the next round of callups.

Speed like his is too damn valuable these days, and to be able to think faster than he skates to make some of the moves he pulls off is a rare talent.

I've got my fingers crossed that hell take a huge leap in development in gr this season.


Has anyone else noticed the wildly inconsistent posting of his height/weight?

Or has anyone seen any reliable info on it?

I've seen him listed as 6',6'1''

6'2 and 200lbs.

I'm assuming going off of the red wings prospect page as being reliable, they have him at 6'2 193, but at one point his junior team had him at 215.

I'm just wondering how big he actually is, so can anyone who seen him live for the training camp/preseason give any reference to his size?

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On 8/13/2021 at 5:45 PM, BarkBurgerman said:

The trade tree looks like this:

Edmonton: Athanasiou (did not re-sign) + Ryan Kuffner (did not re-sign)
Detroit: Gagner + Niederbach + Stange + Leddy

Holland was secretly good at selling his talent when the time came. Guy should have become a rebuilding GM.

should we reacquire AA?

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