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1/19: Red Wings 0 at St. Louis Blues 6

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I'm buying a Blues jersey after this one. Suter and Parise would be nice right now if Holland could have payed up.

They're getting beaten by the Avs.

I'd rather lose to the Blues if we have to lose.

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This team looks LOST. Ericsson needs to come off the top pairing... he has been HORRIBLE!! He is never in the right spot... same with Quincy. I feel like this team needs to make a move sooner rather then later despite this only being the first game.

One positive... at least Howie looks good.

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Not only is Holland REALLY going to have to re-evaluate this team (I hope he doesn't stay content and just miss the playoffs for the heck of it) but if Babcock cannot get these guys to respond to him or respond to something, he will find himself out of a job. I hate to tell him, but Tom Renney wasn't just brought in to be an Asst. He was brought in to fill the gap if Babcock cannot get it done. I am not saying fire Babs, but its no secret that the rumor has it that the players have stopped responding to him...Renney will take over when and if Babs gets fired....

A lot of guys didn't respond to Bowman and they got traded for being whiny, lazy assholes. Scotty was also the GM then. Now we have Holland, who seemingly doesn't have the stomach to make tough decisions in the cap era. Maybe we can bring Dave Lewis back. He was so nice. The players responded to him, right?

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Ian White either shoots into bodies or way high. He never gets anything to the net.

That shot was 60 feet high and then he didn't make the effort to get back.

Team him up with Sammy. One of them is bound to get close to hitting the net.

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No talent on this team. Well except for the obvious guys. Bottom six is terrible. 2nd line is terrible. Split up datsyuk and zetterberg. Call up nyquist and Tatar and Anderson.

Gus- datsyuk- Tatar

Flip-z- brunner

Abdelkader- helm- eaves

Sammy- Anderson- tootoo

Deal franzen+ for at least a number 2 d-man.

Kronwall- smith

E- #2 d-man

Kindl/Quincey/ colo- white

And for the love of god put smith on the pp!!

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