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1/19: Red Wings 0 at St. Louis Blues 6

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And apparently now I see why theyre all over his jock... unreal.

Like I said before the intermission... PK.. means 3-0

Quincey undressed again.\

Can we ditch this loser now? Glad we traded for him...

You mean you aren't happy that we traded a 1st round draft pick (#19 overall) for him? Then, instead of letting him sign with someone else and getting a 1st/3rd in return for him, we re-signed him for $3.7M for the next two years?

I would have rather traded the 1st round pick for Steve Downie, whom Tampa traded to Colorado for Quincey, then we sent the 1st to Tampa for Quincey....I never defended this guy and he looks like garbage...

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Guest fat guy in a maltby jersey
Quincey was at some point a very productive player, he's young, good size, not afraid to use it. He has the tools, but man does he make bad decisions since coming over.

quincey is dogs***.

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