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WCSF Game 3 GDT - Blackhawks 1 @ Red Wings 3 - (DET leads series 2-1)

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.....Gonna Need 4.....

I've had that mantra stuck in my head and haunting me like a poltergeist since game 3 vs Anaheim. How many pills do I have to take in the morning? gonna need 4. How many pounds of ground beef do I need for my family coming over? gonna need 4. How many fish fillets for dinner? gonna need 4........

Detroit 4

Chicago 3

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I beg any of you lucky enough to be going to the Cathedral of Hockey® for tonight's game to never let the Blackhawks hear. Anything. All night. From warm ups to however many overtimes it may take tonight is YOUR night. Raucous is a word thrown around a lot. "This crowd at the Shark tank is raucous tonight," like that's even a real sentence. Yes, the night the Shark Tank or Vancouver or Eric Cartman presents Kingsland is raucous unicorns will be keeping time in the penalty boxes.

Now Joe Louis Arena is known throughout the lands as a loud building. It needs to be louder tonight. All night. Raucous. Bring it. Turn it up to 11. All in. No passengers.

All Points Bulletin: If you see Patrick Kane wandering around the streets of Detroit after the game or the next couple days, get a drink in his hands STAT!! Keep 'em coming. Send me the bill. I'll cover it. Get him going and separate him from other Blackhawks if you can. Wait until he's good and drunk until you whip out the cell phone cameras, we don't want to scare him.


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Really want this game BADLY.

Going up 2-1 would be a huge confidence factor for us and show the Hawks what's up.


Especially if we can do it with one more game in Det. Get Chicago a little nervous. It's about time they faced some adversity this season.


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