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10/2 GDT : Sabres 1 at Red Wings 2

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LGW! So pumped!

Hopefully that second-line can keep up with our first-line (or else Tats would gladly take Franzen's spot), and the bottom-six won't be as atrocious as they are shaping up to be. I'm especially excited to see how Dekeyser fairs this season. I'm hoping for a Calder-caliber showing, myself!

Hopefully they come out of the gates hard, take it to the East before they can adjust.

Red Wings 4 (Abdelkader, Zetterberg, Kindl, Miller)

Sabres 2 (who cares)

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Comcast is offering free Center Ice preview until oct 19

Everyone does that, at least I always assumed they did, but I know DTV does for sure. Typically the first 3 weeks or so are always free.

I'm dying for this game to start.........at which time I will be bowling. Damn you Wednesday. Thank you DVR.

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Ah, my favorite part of fall.. the return of hockey.


Maybe we'll get lucky and hear a "Todd-Ber-tuzzi!" chant.

I'm sure we'll hear it, the crowd was doing this chant during the preseason game against the Pens.

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Unfortunately I'll miss this game due to work, as I suspect will happen quite a bit this year. Excited to have hockey back, though. Remember the rules, folks, keep things on topic and we'll all get along nicely. ;)

It has been for a while. Like most other terms, marketing has completely ruined meaning of words in general. Remember the Minnesota-Detroit "rivalry game" on NBC last year?

I also don't like that entities try to "make" rivalries. They happen when they happen. I don't expect a rivalry to open with Buffalo tonight, but I do expect some to evolve between Boston, Toronto, maybe Montreal.

But if they want to spark a rivalry tonight, I'm all for it!

But it is a rivalry game. Scotty's 1st vs. Scotty's last coached. LOL. So pumped for tonight as I know the players are also. This entire offseason has been like friday at work - it never seems to end. In a way I wish we could fast forward to after we learn which line combos are best, but just so elated that we are finally dropping the puck. Wings 5, buff 2. Emmerton?!?! Good for Emdogg.

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