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10/17 GDT : Red Wings 4 at Avalanche 2

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@iamtrevort: Just spoke to Nik Kronwall. Knot on his forehead, couple scrapes but says he's fine, upset with putting himself in a bad position. #RedWings

Kronner always blames himself:(

Trying to stay classy, imho.

He hits clean.. most of the devastation from Kronwallings could have been avoided if the target disn't make a peewee mistake and skate with his head down.

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Upon further investigation, Kronwall threw on the brakes and attempted to go the other way. McLeod being a goon scrub decides, hey, Kronwall's head is at the perfect level for me to destroy. Dirtbag follows through with the hit and not a single f*** was given this day and the rest is history. This is Avalanche hockey...

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