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11/19 GDT: Predators 2 at Red Wings 0

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I just can't see our old fogeys doing another late season run that continues into the playoffs like last season. During a short season is one thing, but a full season, they are going to be out of gas. We are either going to sneak into the playoffs with all of our OT/SO 1 point losses, or miss it for the first time and we can blame the inequality between number of teams in West vs East.

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Howard again too far out. I could've landed a 747 between him and the crease.

Changes won't be made. What we're seeing is what is going to be shoved down our throats for the rest of the season.

Oh I'm aware of that...which amazes me that Holland and Babs actually believe the fans are buying in

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I get so excited for every single game, more than anyone ever should, only to have my night end in utter disappointment...

Im a puppy waiting for its family to come home, only the car crashed on the drive and they all died.

I call it "The Dead Wings" A poem by RedWang.

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