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11/19 GDT: Predators 2 at Red Wings 0

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Andersson with a terrible play on the 1st goal, Howard got lazy getting back into position knowing the boards are active at the Joe on the 2nd goal, then Cleary takes an idiot penalty as usual not controlling his stick and then Sammy punks out of a fight with Stalberg….brutal. Wait for the kid at the other end to get his 1st career shutout.

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Look I'm a thick & thin Red Wings fan and I'm sure I speak on behalf of others when I say we ****ing blow like a bulimic after Thanksgiving dinner... We waited through a long and grueling offseason for this?? Something has to be done, how many losses do we have to endure before someone loses a job? It happens.

More than 12? (or more than 5 if you count regulation losses)

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