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****(Stuff) no one says about the Wings

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How about "Man I get so sick of hearing about Daniel Cleary all the time, why is he always in the spotlight, hey NHL, guess what? Other people play in this league too! Talk about Sidney Crosby for a change!"

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Circumventing the curse filter

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Lidstrom staying for as long as did was really holding the franchise back.

Same could be said for that fricken Ysernan guy. Out of all the years don't know how he managed to fool everyone that he could still play. I mean it's not like he is Sammy/Cleary/Burt. <<put that line out there Bab's and the Cup is as good as ours;)

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We DON'T like our team!

We'll be going for a big signing at the deadline

The City surrounding JLA is beautiful, and I'd love to move there someday.

Detroit is such a nice city! The only shootings around there are done IN the arena!

Hey, while we're traveling to detroit to see our boys play the wings, lets have a fun night on the town.

Ut Oh! our old, slow team will be no match for the YOUTH of the Detroit Red Wings!

Only sirens you'll hear around the joe are the goal sirens!

Man, I went to the wings game last night and I could NOT believe the leg room I had from my seats.

The game was sold out AND every seat was filled!

Pizza Pizza

Franzen is the most consistent Wings player.

This IS true though. If the consistency you're referring to is laziness!

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While most believe the retirement of Nick Lidstrom marked the decline of the Wings organization, it was in fact the departure of Brett Lebda that initially signaled the swan song of this once storied franchise.

With the way Kyle Quincey has performed since being re-acquired by Detroit, Holland was fortunate to not have surrendered two first round picks to get him. What a hockey player!

Dan Cleary just makes whatever line he's on better. Wise move by the organization to find a way to bring him back into the fold. He'll be an integral part of the team for years to come....

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