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10/13 GDT : at Tampa Bay Lighting 6, Red Wings 4

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26 minutes ago, vladdy16 said:

Silly question - is Tampa our rival?? I don't feel that way, but I keep hearing it. It's much more believable than having the whole Nashville thing shoved down our throats, but I don't consider them a rival yet.

Not much of a rivalry when they're 2-0 against us in the playoffs. They're far superior to us as far as recent playoff runs are concerned.

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Anyone else notice what seemed to be a new strategy Nyqvist was implementing for not getting kicked out of the faceoff?

Before the drop, he calls Helm over and says something to him, perhaps informing him of his brilliant plan... 

Then the ref goes to drop the puck, and blows the whistle skates back and motions for Nyqvist to leave the circle.  Nyqvist (geniusly?) just stays crouched down waiting for the puck drop and completely ignores the ref kicking him out.  The ref takes a step forward and appears to say something to Gus, and he just stays crouched down and ignores him.  The ref is then like "oh well, I tried" and just skates back in and drops the puck.

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