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3/5 Post-Lindsay GDT - Red Wings @ Avalanche - 9:00 PM ET

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Lose for Hughes spreadsheet updated with all bottom 8 teams games played to 67 with normal assumption of a win for game in hand.

Ottawa I think has a lock on the best odds with a 6 point lead over us and others. It's shaping up to be a battle between us, NJ and LA for 2nd best odds. ROW could bite us....


So funny rooting for good hard hockey but yet want to lose so we get better. The old adage the "means justify the end" applies here. Losing now means competitive in a couple years I hope......please Lord Jesus I am getting too old for losing and surrounded by family who are Pens fans. 

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Best quote on the Zadina interview I think i got it kinda right. 

   "Great pass from Hornek kinda used to it from the GR. "

Oh Blash and Kenny you masterminds !! Sending kids to GR to get in a rhythm together then back up to the big club. When/Can we send Ras down with Zadina and Hronek to join Cholo in GR to get into rhythm for next year's HYPE!!


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