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10/21 Wings - Sens

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9 hours ago, Jonas Mahonas said:

Exactly.  Everybody hates Marchand because of his slew footing and cheap shots, but he did that to set the tone - I f u c k with people.  People dont f u c k with me.  The Glover needs to do the same thing.  Fight a few times against the teams that fight.  Dont have to win.  Just gotta engage.  Then the respect is earned and you get left alone.  The Glover doing his gloving thing is just going to lead to our other guys getting run and our goalie getting snowed repeatedly.  Going back to your Pronger example, can u remember one fight particularly where he destroyed someone and sho it was?  nope.  He wasnt Joey Kocur.   But you sure as hell can remember he wasnt gloving everybody all the time.  He'd drop the mitts when it was time.  So good call on the boxing school.  I'd add mma to that too.  I really dont want The Glover breaking his hands.  I want him just to ENGAGE, swing a few times, then wrestle to the ice.  The Xman vs. Reaves fight the other night was a good example of the kind of fights I want The Glover in.

The Glover doesnt fight, Walman separates his shoulder and is out 5 months.  We go 500 for the next 60 games.  Solid plan, Colin.  

Somebody else besides Seider drops the gloves. Seider is on the PK and doesn't break his hand and miss 2 months. Common sense plan.

3 hours ago, Jonas Mahonas said:

Yah, and at his VERY BEST, does he bring any more to the table than Soderblom or Berggren?


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15 hours ago, 13dangledangle said:

I got even more nervous about this game when I saw it was at 1pm..We notoriously s*** the bed in these early showings.  I have a very bad feeling but I obviously hope we pull out a win

That's why I'm recording it and watching later in the afternoon.    Logic be damned.

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