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In Topic: 3/26 GDT: Sharks 6 at Red Wings 4

26 March 2015 - 02:56 PM

last game outcome was collective responsibility, even though jimmy has done little to help us win.

today's is the game to win if they want to prove this team is capable of doing damage in playoff.


wings 4-1, four different scorers, helm with couple though


ps. it looks like guppies are having a good season: there is a good chance of no choking this year  ;)

In Topic: Ilya Kovalchuk announces retirement

25 March 2015 - 03:15 PM

Or smart enough to know that if he comes back he's no longer tied to that ridiculous 2nd contract he signed with the Devils.

:) Yeah, it'd probably be smart if he didn't want and was forced to sign that contract. But I believe otherwise, he fought for those terms, negotiated and renegotiated them. Which makes him looks like an idiot (or childish irresponsible person who acts under impulses) now, provided he really wants to go back.


for fans, I hope he would be booed long and loud on every nhl arena should he return.

In Topic: Ilya Kovalchuk announces retirement

25 March 2015 - 12:57 AM

What makes him an idiot? He's making a ton of money and playing at home.

well, i'm not judging his paycheck or geographical location.

i'm more interested in his actions. even if that Finnish newspaper is wrong and he has no intention to return to nhl, what he had been doing signing and resigning his contract with devils and then retiring... it looks to me as if he is mentally handicapped.

In Topic: Ilya Kovalchuk announces retirement

25 March 2015 - 12:31 AM

He didn't exactly disrespect him. The guy just wanted to go home. It probably wasn't the right decision for his career, but can't fault him for going home.

Yes, the guy is just an IDIOT and wanted to go home.

In Topic: 3/24 GDT : Coyotes 5 at Red Wings 4 (OT)

25 March 2015 - 12:27 AM

is that a tendency or what? for the last 10 or 12 games, commercials after half of the second period seem more entertaining than thef****** wings game...