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In Topic: Red Wings at Lightning/Panthers joint discussion

05 February 2016 - 07:38 PM

Yeah this feels like the year we miss. We just haven't played good hockey the entire year. Keep waiting for them to turn it on but we're now in February... We've had like 3 dominating performances the entire year?

I can't recall 2 of these 3... No, cannot...

The one I do recall was first game of the season. that's it.


by the end of today, wings are out of playoff spot and likely won't make it back in (unless Boston f***s it up for us, but in any case, this team does not control its destiny for the season).

In Topic: Red Wings at Lightning/Panthers joint discussion

05 February 2016 - 07:30 PM

what do you mean by that?

My best guess would be: this is a year we miss playoff? Well, not best, just a guess.


Wings are in a pace getting 93 pts in 82 games. not enough to make a playoff...

In Topic: New NHL website design....

05 February 2016 - 07:18 PM

it is definitely better than it used to, but it also frigging slow.

I wonder if a new NHL partner, SAP has anything to do with it, these brain-dead idiots can enthusiastically work out Ferrari-like idea into rotten Zaporozhec.

In Topic: Players Tribune: John Scott A Guy Like me

31 January 2016 - 01:27 PM

well, to be honest, it is not so much due to respect to the guy, but rather disgust feeling towards thesef****** idiots who run NHL and some teams management as well

In Topic: Dennis Wideman Suspended 20 Games

31 January 2016 - 01:21 PM

Was it James neal?

Or crosby?
The penguins were immune to certain punishments because the nhl had to revive that damn team.

No, it was Letang.