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#2169997 WCSF Game 5 GDT: Red Wings 4 at Sharks 3

Posted by motorcitykid on 09 May 2011 - 01:45 AM

The sign in the Wings dressing room says: "to whom much is given, much is expected."
Quit talking about the fans who were pissed after Game 3. This team showed NOTHING up to that point - lucky bounces and s***ty refereeing aside. There was NO passion. NO competing. And NO desperation, which was shocking considering the makeup of this team is likely going to be much different next season.
And this is HOCKEYTOWN. Just making the playoffs or winning a round is FAILURE. Nothing short of a Cup and the season will always be considered a failure. Personally, that's what makes this team/organization so special to me. While other fans shrug and say "oh well, we at least MADE the playoffs...." the Wings expectations are always, and rightfully so, much higher. Our awesome owner Mr Illitch is not a man to smile and say, "hey, great season guys, even if we lost in Round 1."

Moving forward, there's much work left to do. The Wings are not a team the NHL cares about or a team that means much to the NHL when they win. It doesn't look good to see such dominance in this type of business. The refs, dare I say it, have let them "play" the past 2 games and that's been the difference. I'm still surprised they caller ORDINARY JOE THORTON for his dive, when they've been letting them get away with that s*** ALL YEAR!!! The Sharks, the Nucks, the Preds ... THESE are who the NHL wants to advance. So I hope we build on this win, and do even more next game, as our special teams are killing us - and we are not gonna see such calls if/when we get to a game 7. The Wings need to get back to that us vs. the world mentality that has been lacking.

Just a bit better. Just a bit more hustle. Just a little quicker in those battles and we will soon get to the semis and 8 wins from OUR trophy!!!


#2159955 Question: Why do Wings fans hate the Canucks?

Posted by motorcitykid on 28 April 2011 - 12:19 PM

The Canucks were run by a piece of %^&#(*@ named Brian Burke - who I can't stand and who talks out his ass like his opinion on hockey is the only one that matters. And their current GM was/is a Burke student. Pul-leeeze!!! The hatred for Burke and his team carried over even after he left for Anaheim, plus some of those same players are still there. Also, players there - namely Kesler, Torres - walk around with such swagger, yet they are hockeys San Jose to the north. They've won nothing. And Luongo is a sieve, with an attitude [this coming from me - a big supporter a mere couple of years ago], yet he is still praised as the best in the game.

Lastly, which is not entirely the teams fault, the absolute hype this team has been getting for the last few years is funny. They've never won a thing yet they are always talked about as the best team in the NHL - or close to it. San Jose, Pittsburgh, Washington ... I cannot and WILL NEVER support teams that get the exposure these guys do for winning NOTHING!!

The Red Wings win Cups, make the playoffs every year, have 3 or 4 of the top 15 players in the world, one of the best coaches in all of hockey, but yet they are ignored time and again, called old and slow, even right after winning a Cup, like we heard in 2008.


#2054848 10/30 GDT: Predators 2 at Red Wings 5

Posted by motorcitykid on 30 October 2010 - 09:26 AM

Glad to see the Ozzie bashers are alive and well after only 8 games. SMFH!!

Nashville always plays us tough but they really can't afford any injuries to an already weak lineup.
Wings win 4-1.

#2042029 10/8 GDT: Ducks 0 at Red Wings 4

Posted by motorcitykid on 08 October 2010 - 02:08 PM

Dear NHL,

We regret to inform you that we are back, re-tweaked and re-tooled!

The 2010-2011 Detroit Red Wings

I'm sooooo excited for the opener. There is something unknown and interesting about our lineup this year. Tonight should be the start of great things!!

5-1 Wings.

#1980092 WCSF Game 5 GDT: Red Wings 1 at Sharks 2

Posted by motorcitykid on 08 May 2010 - 04:34 PM

No stats.
No history lessons.
No commentators predicting.

One game. 23 guys. Babcock.

2 refs. 2 linesmen.
And all we expect is fairness.

Our season doesnt end tonight.
Bertuzzi, 1 more time? Wow. I take it ALL back !
Franzen, you scored 4 goals - we couldn't tell from your face you scored one! MONEY on a contract doesn't buy that kind of player.
Hank, Pavel and Lidstrom we know you lead the way. The spirit, the talent .. mostly, your heart. We are so proud.
Homer you've adjusted. You don't even touch the blue paint anymore, yet they still can't stop yoU!!
A supporting cast second to noone.

The jersey represents so much .. and so many.
They say we can't do it.
They love the stats when they go against us.
Fine. We will prove everyone wrong.
Detroit. Michigan.
The Detroit RED WINGS!


Go WINGS!!!!

#1979812 10 O'Clock Start Time Show's NHL's Disdain

Posted by motorcitykid on 08 May 2010 - 10:19 AM

There should NEVER be playoffs games in the daytime. Regular season, sure, but in the playoffs, these 1 and 2 PM starts are ridiculous. Way too much importance to have players missing gameday skates, messing with their routines etc. It started to get real silly once Bettman came in with his NBA background and started having players play less than 48 hrs after their last game. Hockey demands are very different than basketball.

10 PM starts are really just 7 PM starts anyways. I got no problem having my team get settled into the city they're visiting before they play.

#1979118 game after a blowout win

Posted by motorcitykid on 07 May 2010 - 07:45 AM

The Sharks do not have the makeup of winners.
They are a fragile group. Even our former coach, knowing our team well, has shown that he can't always use that to his advantage.
As far as I'm concerned, they are the supposed winner as everyone including some Wing fans seem to think we are lucky to even be here.
I don't buy THAT, but .. anyway my point is we needed 1 win. And a convincing win is better than us winning 2-1. The Sharkies then would say "oh, it's OK boys, we almost closed it out." Now that they were blown out, they are using the line of "weird game. lucky Wings all night ..." blah blah blahhhh.
It's embarrassing to them believe it! Because Nabokov has finally been lit up like he shouldve been at least 2 other games. The floodgates are open. And if I'm a Sharkie fan, reality is, he CAN be lit up again by a Wings squad that will dominate IF we get:
-fair officiating BOTH ways
-Jimmy NOT giving up deflating goals and just makes the routine saves.

The Sharks are no match just like pretty much any other team. Wings cannot be matched when those two things BOTH happen.

7-1? No biggie? We shall see. But I'm betting the Sharks ARE talking a good game right now, but inside, at the same time, the doubt has begun - if nothing more than "geez guys, what if??" We win Game 5. Just 1 more. One game. I predict the series is over!!
Unless of course we get the refereeing in Game 7 thats the same s*** calls that had the Sharks up 3-0 a day ago. Fair calls. Jimmy just being solid. This series is ours. And the Sharks know this summer will be a disaster for their team after 4 playoff flop in a row (the last being a blown 3-0 series lead in 2010). Management WILL NOT ice this lineup next October. That's not pressure?
Wings lose - noone but US care. The national media in Canada and US had us picked first, to miss the playoffs and second, now lucky to even beat Phoenix.

Go WINGS!!!!

#1976553 Expecting too much?

Posted by motorcitykid on 05 May 2010 - 11:41 AM

This team had the best record in the league after the Olympics and looked unbeatable.

So no, we're not expecting too much.

These players are not playing like they did a month ago. The intensity and urgency aren't there, despite having the same talent level with the injured players returning.

We're 4-6 in these playoffs. We all deserved to expect more.

^^ Exactly.
People acting like this team struggled to get into the playoffs. They walked over everybody quite easily post-Olympics.
Also, as most anyone around hockey has said, they had so many injuries early it really was good they came back healthy with a month or two to go. They were rested! Everyone was fearing us, aside from what some in keep harping on. We were rested. Excited for Jimmys first playoffs. And glad everyone picked the Cul champs in September, again, - the Sharks Pens Caps Canucks ... even Phoenix was picked ahead of us by seasons end.
They have every opportunity to give the whole league the middle finger for another year of disrespect towards the Winged Wheel.
No excuses.

Unfortunately the refs and Jimmy are making it awfully hard to compete. Ain't got s*** to do with rest, our offense or anything else. Geez the REAL Wings were visible vs. Phoenix in Games 4, 5, and 7. They just can't beat every extra chance given to the other team. Phoenix series was no different. The refs were atrocious. The only question is CAN they overcome it now that there is no room for error.

#1976454 There are 7 games in a series

Posted by motorcitykid on 05 May 2010 - 10:30 AM

Hasn't happend in the salary cap era, wake up thanks.

What does a salary cap have to do with winning 4 games? Exactly. It's a damn joke the way you consistently appear in peoples threads, posting for the sole purpose of seeing who responds to your blatant flaming. f***in joke.

#1960842 WCQF Game 7 GDT: Red Wings 6 at Coyotes 1

Posted by motorcitykid on 27 April 2010 - 08:52 AM

Crash net.


And I don't care about inflated post counts, quit f'n trolling Mindfly. Your increasingly negative posts serve no purpose other than to instigate. You've given up on this team, so what's the point with all this crap??

Go Wings!!!

#1958886 WCQF Game 6 GDT: Coyotes 5 at Red Wings 2

Posted by motorcitykid on 26 April 2010 - 07:32 AM

Crap result. The boys really wanna do this the difficult way, I guess. They know they blew it today, but PHX did what they needed to, and couldn't afford a loss. Somewhere in the back of the Wings minds they figured they had 2 opportunities to win this. Well I'll take the Wings over a team with no clue how to handle the pressure they are going to feel Tuesday in front if a home crowd with big pressure. All of what PHX has been through this year, they've already won. Wings have been there, done that. Game 7 will be no different.

And in the most polite way possible, to all those screaming to start Ozzie, STFU!!!!! Geez, I'm tired of this Maple Leaf mentality around here. We win 1 game, everyone bends over backwards praising Howie. Lose one, and you abandon him???!!!!! They WILL bounce back, guys!! And Shark is next up on the menu!!!!

Go Wings!!!

#1951133 Samuelsson looking good at 2.5 million

Posted by motorcitykid on 20 April 2010 - 07:44 AM

So you'd like to see him disappear again this year in the playoffs. No thx. Especially when the Coyote logo is so big - Sammy wouldn't miss hitting that as per the norm with all his selfish shots!!
Yeh he leads the Canucks in goals. Big deal. The goals aren't exactly game deciders. Timely goals are more important than just scoring at this time and the Canucks look to be just about out yet again, relying on 2 players + Luongo to win a Cup ....

#1291727 Bertuzzi sues Crawford

Posted by motorcitykid on 29 March 2008 - 04:08 PM

Boy, this is fun .. watching Wings fan bashed Bertuzzi. Not long ago, many here defended him as both a player AND person. He's always been a self-centered prick, not a player you hope kids look up to; an ******* who thinks he is above any punishment. Dude should never have been allowed back into the league. And Burke, Crawford, that whole Vancouver team that he played on and thoroughly defended him - right on up to the NHL offices, s***, even Gretzky saying he should be forgiven - even invited him to Team Canada ... F 'em all.

Suing Crawford? What a friggin' joke.