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#2545559 Weiss sent down to GR- conditioning assignment

Posted by RyanBarnes! on 30 October 2014 - 11:44 AM

Samuelsson got more chances and so should Weiss. But it is not looking too good right now.

#2542049 Toronto Radio: Illitch is selling everything and Babs will be Leafs GM

Posted by RyanBarnes! on 18 October 2014 - 04:54 AM

I would like to see Babcock take over Holland's position as GM in Detroit and Blashill be the coach some day.

#2542043 10/18 GDT - Maple Leafs 0 at Red Wings 1 (OT)

Posted by RyanBarnes! on 18 October 2014 - 03:53 AM

I like the new defense pairings. More ice time for Smith, who has outplayed Ericsson thus far plus Ericsson will be a steady partner to Kindl. Quincey probably had his best game as a Red Wing yesterday, he was terrific in his own end and even joined the rush a few times.

#2541477 TANK IT! 2014-2015 Season

Posted by RyanBarnes! on 16 October 2014 - 10:59 AM

Keeping the streak alive and hopefully watching Mantha debut is enough for me. Tank job? No thanks!

#2540786 10/15 GDT : Bruins 3 at Red Wings 2 (SO)

Posted by RyanBarnes! on 15 October 2014 - 10:35 AM

Why split Dekeyser and Smith? If anyone should be demoted it is Ericsson.

#2537547 2014 Preseason Thread

Posted by RyanBarnes! on 29 September 2014 - 10:22 AM

Nobody's talking about his offense translating.  I don't think it will either.  Drew Miller doesn't produce points in the NHL either but that hardly means he's one dimensional.  Like Miller (or Prust, or Maltby) Callahan can skate, play special teams, and is defensively responsible.  So he's already miles ahead of the bozos you seem intent on comparing him to.  I'm also curious to know why you'd think he's similar at all.  He's not used in any way like those guys are.  The only thing similar is that they'll fight once in a while.  Other than that Mitch Callahan is nothing like those guys.  When a coach as good as Blashill is using you on the PP, PK, and giving you top six minutes, and leaving you on the ice at the end of games you're surely a better player than some fourth line agitator...regardless of how often you do or don't score. 

I think you might be underestimating the skill level of Torres, Tootoo and Asham slightly. They put up much better totals in juniors than Callahan and had they stayed in the AHL they would probably been on the PP too. It is true that they have a limited role in the NHL but there is certainly more to it than the skill variable. When comparing Callahan to Maltby I was trying to convey his "weight class". I know you dont care much about that stuff but that was my intention.

#2537533 2014 Preseason Thread

Posted by RyanBarnes! on 29 September 2014 - 06:15 AM

Probert (RIP big man) was the best enforcer ever and I think by the old standards DMac was still a heavyweight. Players weren't that big, strong and over the top trained back in the days. Charas father is a wrestler and the guy is tough but he is also somewhat of a spotpicker - just like Shea Weber -  I've yet to see him fight against a legitimate heavyweight (Orr, Engelland and Scott ...), his fights are basically a hug match where he gets the take down and thats that. That being said guy is country strong and an absolute freak of nature.
I'm looking for a short summary of the match but can't find anything on tsn thanks to the new format *gr*

Mac usually stayed away from the heavys and let Probert or Kocur handle them, but I agree he wouldnt back down from a challenge. I dont think it is fair to put Callahan in the fighter category though. He is like a Maltby that will fight.

#2537473 2014 Preseason Thread

Posted by RyanBarnes! on 28 September 2014 - 03:11 AM

It's McCarthy and even he would of got his ass kicked , chara's a freak and I'd very much like to see another freak come up soon enough so we can see chara get his

No it is McCarty. But you are right McCarty was a middleweight and compared to him Callahan is a lightweight. Probert was a heavyweight.

#2537296 Datsyuk 2nd degree separated shoulder injury - out approx 4 weeks

Posted by RyanBarnes! on 25 September 2014 - 03:11 PM

I don't know about other teams, but I suspect that your characterization of Wings fans' attitudes is right...yet incomplete.  People around here buy into Kenny's philosophy partially because they don't have an alternative, and partially because it's been SUPER successful during his tenure.  If he espoused a "no fighting" philosophy and we missed the playoffs every year I imagine fans wouldn't be so quick to go with it.  Likewise, Peter Chiarelli's teams are "pro fighting" and they win, so why argue with it? If they started losing consistently I'd imagine fans would be less enthusiastic about the organizational philosophy.

I definitely think Red Wings fans place a higher premium on skill than most other fanbases, but do not forget that despite Holland's position on fighting, the Cup winning team's all had a physical presence. Some more than others. For example, the modern era Red Wings have yet to win a Cup without Darren McCarty in the lineup.

#2537259 Datsyuk 2nd degree separated shoulder injury - out approx 4 weeks

Posted by RyanBarnes! on 25 September 2014 - 07:15 AM

you can have all the enforcers you want, the fact of the matter is they do not deter players taking runs at your star players anymore.

Because many of them know they can hide behind the refs. And I dont necessarily mean the instigating rule -I mean literally hide behind the refs, and the NHL will let them. For what reason? To clean up its act...??

#2537257 Datsyuk 2nd degree separated shoulder injury - out approx 4 weeks

Posted by RyanBarnes! on 25 September 2014 - 07:04 AM

And the stars on those teams still get run.

Yes, and this is because the league will protect the dirty players. Scrap the instigator rule and leave the policing to the players. If a guy is willing to face the music after running a star then so be it, I agree there's no stopping them, but at least dont protect these clowns. Let there be another Lemieux beatdown. I bet more than a few players would think twice and even change their game. Frankly, it cannot get worse than the current state.

#2536141 Who should get cut/traded by game 1 of the season?

Posted by RyanBarnes! on 13 September 2014 - 12:30 PM

I would love to see Callahan steal Miller's spot. More grit and possibly also better scoring touch.

#2535923 Ericsson and Alfredsson not 100%

Posted by RyanBarnes! on 11 September 2014 - 07:22 AM

Alfredsson should just retire. He emptied the tank last year in the Olympics. He was completely invisible after the break. I would rather see Mantha in his spot.

#2535795 Ottawa Senators are trying "European style" supporter sections

Posted by RyanBarnes! on 09 September 2014 - 09:50 AM

I predict the games will be more fun...right up until fans from the supporter sections start beating the hell out of opposition fans.  I get the feeling that in North America this will turn violent.  Then again, maybe not.  The Canadiens already have an atmosphere very much like this, and as far as I know nobody had been injured.

It is not exactly a friendly environment in Europe either. This is just a bad idea and it could turn sour really quick.

#2535324 Expansion draft - how many players can each team protect ?

Posted by RyanBarnes! on 01 September 2014 - 02:09 PM

I'd say they'd protect Mrazek. Can't really see an expansion team drafting Howard.

I think Howard would be exactly what any expansion team is looking for. He is a very reliable veteran goalie.