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In Topic: 12/10 GDT - Maple Leafs 2 at Red Wings 1 (SO)

11 December 2014 - 12:55 AM

Babs to Mule: It looks like you might have really messed up your groin.

Mule to Babs: Umm I did? I am feeling fine.

Babs to Mule: No, you messed that groin up really bad so we are going to have to put you on LTIR.

Mule to Babs: Umm, OK.  But I thought I was already on LTIR


People can dream, right?

In Topic: 12/10 GDT - Maple Leafs 2 at Red Wings 1 (SO)

10 December 2014 - 07:08 PM

Game on NBC today?

Be prepared for plenty of subtle interference and waffleboards. God I hate it when the Wings are on NBCSN.

In Topic: Abby Out 2 Weeks with partially separated shoulder

02 December 2014 - 01:29 AM

Would be sweet to see Mantha or Pulks brought up but we all know that won't happen. 


Get well soon Abs, we need you more than Cleary or Anderson. 

With Abs on the short term IR (if this rumor is confirmed) that gives the Wings the roster room to bring one of those kids up for a bit. I believe Ansar mentioned in a previous article that Mantha could be the first call up if a forward went down. We can all dream, right?

In Topic: Las Vegas rumored to get an expansion team

31 October 2014 - 01:08 AM

Panthers to Vegas? Hell the attendance couldn't get any worse in Miami; (snowbirds will just flock to TB)  plus that will even out the teams in each conference allowing for 3 divisions in each conference. 

In Topic: 10/29 GDT - Red Wings 4 @ Capitals 2

30 October 2014 - 05:16 AM

Anyone has Kronwalls hit on Chimera ? I did not see 3rd. Was on the radio.


Would also like to see the potential hit that Chimera made on Smith. I didn't know a nose could be realigned that much.