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In Topic: Joe Louis Arena to be Demolished

Today, 12:07 AM

Every game ive went to, be it lions, tigers, wings, or even the toledo storm(walleye) There's always at least one butthole peeing in the sink.

And the Toledo sports arena was one of, if not the darkest and dankest, grungiest, and most poorly built arena I've ever been in.

Even the home locker room was tiny, the visitors was so small there was at least five kids/young men literally getting dressed standing in their own bags, and the bathroom wasn't connected to the room so If you had to go before you were fully suited up you walked half nekked past the concessions to get there, and one of the locker rooms was so far away from one that you walked around a quarter of the building to get there..
The ice was always soft, the benches had splinters big enough to Pierce through gloves, and the penalty box was so effing small there wasn't room to have someone man the door if there happened to be two or more people in the box.

Insulation and other random debris would fall out of the rafters,
And no joke, the ice in the corners were so bad, sometimes there would literally be a gap so big between the ice surface and the kick plate that play had to be stopped to dig the puck out by hand.
You had to be carefuk going behind the nets not to get too close to the boards because your skate blade would get caught in the moat mid stride.


I know the Joe is no gem, or architectural marvel, but comparing it to that frozen trash heap, is kind of insulting.

Not to mention the seats were basically kid sized wooden lawn chairs that were Bolted to the floor.


I didn't try to infer that the Joe was as much of a dump as the Sports Arena. I guess it was more about the feeling you got walking through the Joe or the Sports Arena. Dark and grungy compared to the other arenas.


LOL, I forgot how much of dump the Sports Arena was. That had to have been the worst ECHL venue when the Storm played their last season there.  Yeah, they couldn't tear that place down quick enough. The Huntington Center  is so much better.

In Topic: Buffalo to retire Hasek's number

Yesterday, 09:10 PM

Classy move by the Sabre's organization having the ceremony while the Wings are in town.

In Topic: Weiss

Yesterday, 02:11 AM

I thought this thread was about Weiss . Yes he looked like a duck out of water. He wasn't really good at handling the puck and created a turn over basically every time he touched the puck. I'm hoping that he will get better. I'm still optimistic about him.

In Topic: Joe Louis Arena to be Demolished

Yesterday, 12:35 AM

My first NHL game and first Wings games were at the now Honda Center because I could't even get close to landing a ticket during those 97' and 98' seasons (spring break trips to SCal during college got me my first NHL games). My first game at the Joe was in 99'. It didn't matter to me that the place was a dump even at that time, because it was the home of the Wings (although you could argue the The Pond was a Wings home game when they were in town). 


If you ever went to the Toledo Sports Arena to watch the Storm, then you could kind of compare the arenas going from ECHL to NHL as the same. Horrible bathrooms in which you either pissed in the trough urinal or there was always some guy pissing in the sink.  


Hint...If you want to take a piss, grab a beer and make it back in time before the intermission ends, then hit the portos in the smoking area..just saying. Extra advice... park on the Cobo roof and you'll be in and out in about 10 minutes.


Yeah, I'm still going to miss the Joe.

In Topic: 10/11/14 GDT: Game 2 | Ducks 3 @ Red Wings 2

11 October 2014 - 09:56 PM

Crappy way to lose a pretty much well played game by the Wings. 3 of 4 goals scored against the Wings this season have been the direct result of bonehead plays in the D Zone (Big E, Howard and Smith). I'm feeling A LOT better about this team than before the start of the season. They are using their speed and winning a majority of puck battles. Looks like Babs finally saw the light and moved Goose up with Mule and Z. That line was dominating tonight once Goose was put on it. Luke is looking like Helm 2.0 (that includes not being able to finish on breakaways).


BTW....EPIC GDT FlashyG  :clap: