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Crazy KHL hockey fight involving Cory Emmerton

17 February 2015 - 11:11 PM

Crazy KHL hockey fight could end in assault charges



Emmerton, 26, formerly of the Detroit Red Wings, was attacked with just four seconds left in regulation time by 20-year-old Kudreman


The video isn't very clear because the fight happens in the far corner, but it sounds like EmDog needed a few stitches. The incident happened with only a few seconds left of a 5-1 game (EmDog's team won). Such unnecessary garbage.


HoF Power Rankings: 1st pick to start team today

17 November 2014 - 09:29 PM

Puck Daddy article. "The crux of this list is simple. Which of these awesome players do you select first to start a new team in 2014?". From the list of 45 players, 10 players (22% of total list) are from our beloved Red Wings.


6. Steve Yzerman (2009): Stevie Y took a lot of praise for changing his game and becoming more of a two-way player. But that shouldn't hide that his 155 points in 1988-89 are the highest in NHL history by a player not named Gretzky or Lemieux.
8. Dominik Hasek (2014): The ‘Dominator’ was the best regular season goalie in the NHL during a time when defense ruled. Game-stealing goalies are rare, and he was one of them.
17. Brett Hull (2009): Hull was a one-dimensional winger … but what a dimension it was. His ability to simply just score goals was surpassed by just Gretzky and Lemieux.
28. Chris Chelios (2013): Chelios was another ‘dead puck’ relic who shifted his game perfectly when offense gave way to defense. His longevity was something to marvel at playing until he was 48 years old. Chelios played well in the ‘live puck’ era, but his speed just may not be enough for today’s day and age.
29. Paul Coffey (2004): Offensive dynamo and second-highest scoring defenseman in NHL history. His game was hurt by the league’s defensive shift, but would be perfect for today’s more free-flowing systems.
31. Luc Robitaille (2009): The left-winger came out of nowhere with 84 points as a rookie and never stopped scoring. His hand-eye coordination was some of the best the league had ever seen. His skating became good enough to play in any era.
34. Brendan Shanahan (2013): One of the rare power forwards with a super skilled side – still hard to see how he and Mike Keenan never got along – Shanahan helped make the 2004 rule changes, and benefited from them. Still, was never ‘the guy’ on a winning team. Was more just an ancillary part.
36. Larry Murphy (2004): Longevity describes this defenseman. He changed the way he played once he got to Detroit, going from a positionally sound offensive defenseman to a defensive shutdown duo with Nicklas Lidstrom. That being said, Murphy’s lack of skating ability would do him in with the new rules. He may have been a nice piece in the old NHL, but not the new NHL.
37. Mark Howe (2011): Gordie’s son didn't start playing in the NHL until he was 24 years old. But he became a three-time All-Star, and someone many thought should have joined the Hall before 2011. Fast, smooth skater, good offensive instincts. He would be an excellent blueliner in today’s day and age.
39. Dino Cicarelli (2010): Every team needs a guy like Dino. With such an emphasis on skating in today’s game, few players go to the ‘hard areas’ like Cicarelli did. But for a player like him to succeed, you need great point play, and a good center.


My team would always start with Yzerman. Even in today's NHL, Stevie Y's leadership more than makes up for a lack of skating speed with that knee.