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    *watches replays of last night's defensive zone coverage* We've got time Resurgence = finally has a star winger Almost like some fans could see this coming.........
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    Good to see you back Mabus. Dont worry. SY will get a 1st for him at the TDL from Holland.
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    New New Prospects Thread

    I came here from hfboards because that place was becoming a wasteland and someone recommended this place but this place is no better. A lot of horrible opinions here maybe the worst ive seen.
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    ely s

    New New Prospects Thread

    We have to keep Leddy, next years free agent market is thin(Zadorov seems like one of a few) and we have to get rid of Staal and DDK. So Leddy, Edvinsson, Oesterle + FA for the left side with McIsaac and Johansson hopefully pushing from GR. I´m totally fine with our three RHD, the combo of Seider, Hronek und Lindström is good already although they only have a combined 239 games of NHL experience and they will only get better.
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    D-Bo$$ takes it to the bank. What a game!
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    This, except every team and GM and player. This team – with Vrana – is capable of ruining a top seed's season in the first round. It has that f***-you energy.
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    Since this thread will be gone by tomorrow I’d just like to say now that I think you’re all idiots…..
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    New New Prospects Thread

    I'm getting progressively more juiced about this guy. Like, these aren't just "he's big and playing against 17 year old goals". He's a very consistent goal scoring threat against the best professional teams in Europe. He's the real deal.
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    Leddy reminds me of Mike Green. He can get the puck up ice, but I won't be sad to trade him anymore. Even if we only get a 2nd for him, we basically got to rent him for a half season at no cost. Think about it like this: We brought in Leddy to babysit Seider in his first season. But just 10-15 games in Seider was so good we re-assigned the kid to babysit Dekeyser. Leddy is now expendable, and Seider is definitely getting the Calder.
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    Vasily Podkolzin

    Kadri is a turd and gets suspended too frequently. His next suspension will probably be 41 games as a repeat offender.
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    Party status: back on
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    ely s

    11/16 "Wake Up Wings!!" GDT @Dallas

    I hope they heard the cannon yesterday and will put up a better overall effort. Go Wings !!
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    New New Prospects Thread

    Trading Leddy, Fabbri, Hronek, Ras and Zadina for four 3rds and one 2nd would be awful imho. What can you hope to get out of that? One player that makes it to the NHL? If we were to trade all those guys I would much rather see Stevie making hockey trades. The De La Rose into Fabbri kind of trades.
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    New New Prospects Thread

    I read this about Edvinsson recently. It was a translation of a Swedish article on Malik's blog (see:https://themalikreport.com/2021/11/08/roughly-translated-via-icehockeygifs-simon-edvinsson-speaks-with-rakapuckars-henrik-lehman) "He’s been praised by [teammate] Ryan Lasch, by most experts, and when I spoke with Dan Cleary, the Detroit Red Wings’ Assistant Director of Player Development last week, the NHL veteran said this with a smile about the successful young Swede: “Take the opportunity to enjoy him, there’s not a chance that he’ll be here for any longer than this season.”
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    I try to be a role model around here.
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    #1+2 in NHL scoring against #1+2 in rookie scoring. Will be a fun game to watch. Go Wings!!
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    ely s

    11/13 "Get Back On Track" GDT vs. Montreal

    After a tough loss Thursday, we´re looking for a rebound win. The two embarassing meetings in Montreal should be motivation enough!! Go Wings!!
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    New New Prospects Thread

    Red Wings Prospect Simon Edvinsson “a Monster” at Four Nations Tourney
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    Looks like everybody is present
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    Rumors Thread

    The tire pumper drafted by the tire kicker brought to you by the Belle Tire Co.
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    TREEEEEEEEmendous! Big games from many a Wing teeenite!!
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    The 91 of Ryans

    New New Prospects Thread

    Au contraire. Hronek has been a new man since the healthy scratch. Aces move by J-Coach