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  1. Diamond Dallas Page donated a TON of money to the world wildlife fund a while back and the fund credited it to some Page Falkinburg guy instead....
  2. You're right! Totally forgot about that. Filled in on the ducks top line some too.... feels like a lifetime ago.
  3. Everyone? Who wants to dump AA?? Some have advocated trading him for a top defenseman.. but that's hardly a "dump." It's a very realistic price to pay for such a rare commodity. That said, I don't want AA playing on any other team but the wings either.
  4. via "the hockey news" OEL to Detroit confirmed (wakes up)
  5. Honestly, I'd take him here too. I don't think he's a top guy but he's better than probably anyone we have. Wouldn't trade the first for him obviously but I've been a fan of Myers since buffalo was rumored to be shopping him.
  6. Injuries, bad performances, etc can cause roster changes.. there's a (probably pretty small) chance that a team that passed on him before would trade "future considerations" for him. That's essentially for free too. Slightly off topic: does anyone know of any evidence of "future considerations" paying off down the line? To me it's always seemed like a legal/formal way of giving away a player and not much more..
  7. Pretty unlikely.. but who knows, things change. I don't blame him for wanting back in the NHL is mostly what I was saying.... The second part of my post was mostly a joke. Would be happy for him if he did manage to get playing time on a contender though.
  8. can't blame him.... who wouldn't want to in his situation?
  9. Can't say I blame him.. go get you a cup drew
  10. Alright mrazek! There's a save that might actually make the sports center top ten
  11. Yeah nice to see them give a s***.. especially in a game I can actually watch most of
  12. Did they give him the extra two because he really sold that high stick?
  13. What a shot! That's why ya play until the buzzer kids
  14. So it does. weird. Google has failed you.... first time for everything?