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  1. Yeah it would definitely take a little more cap management. I am a pretty big fan of more offensive defensemen though, so maybe i over value him a little bit.. but I think he'd be worth it. He's a very good player. Yes. I think he'll be gone then re-signed in free agency; hopefully to not too long of a contract.. 2, maybe 3 years at a decent cap hit.
  2. I agree but I don't see why he wouldn't sign a maximum term contract.. 6x7 years was already turned down (maybe because he doesn't want to be in Tampa, who knows), so it might take 7 or 8x7 years. I think thats too much but wouldn't be surprised if someone offered it to him. I might be ok with 7x7 but I wouldn't feel amazed by it.
  3. See my edit.. I realized it was a little unclear. I'm talking about as a potential free agent signing sorry for the confusion
  4. Yeah shattenkirk seems very much in it for the free agency big money (can't blame him). I think he's going to test free agency no matter what and St. Louis is going to be stuck losing him for nothing if they don't lower their asking price. If he were open to signing here, what's the most you'd offer him? Edit for clarification: if he were open to signing here this off season, not after a trade.
  5. Well to be fair, toews was hurt for a little while and had a slow start to the year. He started heating up right after I got him. The guy that dropped him still gets s*** all the time about it though
  6. He had quite the game against minny. Someone in my fantasy league dropped him around a month or so ago.. needless to say it was a good time to have the #1 waiver. Best free agent pickup ever
  7. Apparently a shattenkirk deal fell apart six weeks ago (reportedly with the bolts) when he didn't agree to a contract extension of 6 mill a year for 7 years.
  8. Babcock must be reading the comments here.. he knows we're onto them.
  9. Diamond Dallas Page donated a TON of money to the world wildlife fund a while back and the fund credited it to some Page Falkinburg guy instead....
  10. You're right! Totally forgot about that. Filled in on the ducks top line some too.... feels like a lifetime ago.
  11. Everyone? Who wants to dump AA?? Some have advocated trading him for a top defenseman.. but that's hardly a "dump." It's a very realistic price to pay for such a rare commodity. That said, I don't want AA playing on any other team but the wings either.
  12. via "the hockey news" OEL to Detroit confirmed (wakes up)
  13. Honestly, I'd take him here too. I don't think he's a top guy but he's better than probably anyone we have. Wouldn't trade the first for him obviously but I've been a fan of Myers since buffalo was rumored to be shopping him.
  14. Injuries, bad performances, etc can cause roster changes.. there's a (probably pretty small) chance that a team that passed on him before would trade "future considerations" for him. That's essentially for free too. Slightly off topic: does anyone know of any evidence of "future considerations" paying off down the line? To me it's always seemed like a legal/formal way of giving away a player and not much more..