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  1. wow decent deal by Stevie
  2. Oh so now he's lying to us too?!?!! /sarcasm Hopefully Florida makes the playoffs. That would give us what will probably be the 64th pick.
  3. We could definitely use someone who actually does that.
  4. We don't know what other teams were still in it at the time.. maybe the rest backed out and it was just Florida or they were just the best offer and said it was now or never.
  5. Definitely seemed sketchy at the time.. looks like the skepticism was justifiable.
  6. maybe the NHL will rule we get ekblad instead
  7. Gotta think vaneks past post trade deadline performance hurt his value a little or there wasn't as big of a market for him as we thought.. I'll hold off being upset until I see what vrbata goes for
  8. yeahh seems like a pretty meh return.... touche
  9. return still seems questionable at best then? hockeys future (makes him sound decent?) on McIlrath: " McIlrath is a nasty, in-your-face defenseman who won’t back down and can clear the crease for his netminder. He is not afraid to fight or just intimidate, McIlrath has a good shot and his puck distribution has been improving but he needs to improve his skating and defensive positioning." former 10th overall pick, 24 years old, right handed, good size.
  10. hold the phone people... tsn trade tacker says also Dylan McIlrath don't know much about him?
  11. It's quiet.... toooo quiet..
  12. Little Vegas tidbits
  13. You guys are obviously forgetting about the man, the myth, the legend.... the melen. Hampus Melen.