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  1. Do iiiit. Haha you guys would love it. Their games are so hype and you can sit as close as third row for $20 regular season (Not sure about playoffs). Fridays have $2 beers and hotdogs too
  2. Ah gotcha, I misunderstood the logjam part then. And yeah I think either Ouellet or Jensen will be protected.. with Ouellet seeming more likely if the two. I think we'll keep all of our picks unless someone we like drops a little and we trade down to add a pick and still target them. Mostly d-men and centers is what we need for sure. But I won't be surprised if we take one goalie later in the draft.
  3. Yeah the progress of our younger defensive prospects so far makes me feel a lot more comfortable about this draft. I still think we should pick 3 d-men in the first three rounds somewhere based on need/ the amount of picks we have. But it's nice to have a little more flexibility than my previous thinking of needing to draft primarily d-men this draft (If that makes sense). I don't think we'll have quite the same logjam though. I think Vegas will end up picking one of Ouellet Jensen or Sproul; and isn't Marchenko on the leafs now?
  4. yeah unfortunately a few teams ahead of us will likely be targeting d-men. i would love liljegren or makar at 9.. hoping for one of those guys. of the one you listed in the first grouping, suzuki seems the most likely to still be there. Glass I'd say has a reasonable chance as well. trading back could be interesting as any of them (minus mittelstadt, who as you've pointed out/i don't think will even be there at 9) could go anywhere from 10-30 it seems. I think the "weak draft" mantra that keeps going around lead to a lot more uncertainty and makes this draft more exciting overall.
  5. Out of curiosity, which five would you be okay with that have a reasonable chance of being there at 9?
  6. Yeah a little surprised he didn't wait until the off season to see if he got another contract. Likely would've been one year with deadline moving potential though and maybe he was sick of that and/or his body was just done. He did play physical hockey for a pretty long time. Whatever the reason, congrats Ott. It was a pleasure seeing you hit people and chuck some knucks in the winged wheel.
  7. In Pekka we trust! Go preds go!
  8. Boooooo! Booo to the queen of garbage!
  9. I think he's always been one of the best in the league but, until recently, hasn't had enough offensive support. Although the shot differential last game doesn't really support me there. But he's definitely taken it to a whole new level this post season.
  10. Pekka Rinne is a monster.
  11. Ericsson for Hall. MAKE IT HAPPY KENNY!
  12. Murray is starting. edit: I don't know how but completely missed the post, chaps thought the discussion was all hypothetical
  13. Hey now, I like Orlov.. *drifts back into the shadows* No really though, I remember a discussion about him being someone we should look at getting given Washington's upcoming cap crunch. I'm still really bummed we didn't stay in the western conference long enough for Boston to consider trading us Hamilton.
  14. Yeah probably. But I think the Oilers would go closer to 7 games and the ducks may get swept.
  15. Thanks a lot caps.. on to the next one. Fun fact: If the ducks lose tonight, it'll make five years in a row that they've lost game sevens at home Go Oilers!