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  1. Well that's the most exciting shootout in a long time! Atta boy Z. LGW
  2. Put Ott in for the win!
  3. Goalie battle! When does snypquist get to go again??
  4. Would also like to add it's usually worth watching any game between two teams fighting for playoff spots toward the end of the regular season. And then I try to watch as many playoff games as possible.. because playoff hockey.
  5. Heard Vanek has a foot injury? Hopefully he's back asap obviously and LGW! I want a 3-0 wings win with an Ott hatty at his old club but I'll settle for another W
  6. Kings, Oilers, Preds are my personal favorites to watch other than the wings. Kings less so without Quick.. but the Oilers are off to a hot start and all three of these teams have some pretty exciting players.
  7. Never mind a whole piano.. Sheahan doesn't even look like he could pull a keytar
  8. So glad Larkin found the back of the net! His goal (not to mention that perfect pass from Z) and AAs were awesome. It's nice to see some good looking goals keep playing the way we have the past 5 and it's going to be a fun season. LGW
  9. Hindsight is always 20/20.. 3rd pairing is exactly where Ericsson belongs (and has been playing well so far, imo). Let's keep our foot on the gas! Love the intensity so far this season. LGW!
  10. Awesome! Let's see some more of these weeks please and thank you LGW
  11. The team overall was good but were up 3-0 at one point and made it a little close for comfort in the end. Mantha looked good but not great imo. He'll have better games (especially statwise obviously) but he definitely had his chances.. had a lot of shots get blocked or deflected wide but overall he looked like he was skating harder than last season when I went to see them. The monsters were doing a pretty good job of pressuring him when he had the puck but overall, I like what I saw out of him. Bert was great! He's so much fun to watch. Hits everything that moves and is solid offensively.. love it! Lighter side note: they did a thing on the big screen where they asked each player who the worst driver is on the team and everyone said bert.. then it got to bert and he wasn't sure who to say I also really like what I saw out of Russo. He's got a good shot and skates well.. hope he keeps progressing as he has been.
  12. I'll be doing some real live Mantha watching tonight Go Griffs Go!
  13. Finally caught the highlights and fight haha not sure what Webers fight history is but it can't be less than Larkin's and Larkin looked damn good. also really like the high amount of shots and Tatar and Nyquists goals were great! Good to see them start to score. I'm sad I missed this one; looks like it was a really exciting game. Let's keep playing like that & LGW!
  14. ah well there ya have it haha, seems they're pretty confident in their other goalies then.