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  1. Fools gold. That's all last weekend was. Wings have a better chance of making the playoffs than Sheahan scoring at this point.
  2. I don't think we need yet another 29, aka going on 30+ "2nd" line center. Holland would give a 5-6 year deal 5.25+ a year deal, Easy. I wouldn't doubt it for one sec.
  3. Kind of a s***ty joke honestly. People die, even if it's to make light of us being bad or anyone.
  4. 1.Sheahan 2.. Sheahan 3... Sheahan 52 reasons why. For real, how has he not at least been scratched one single game? Isn't that a tactic for coaching to help get a player back on track? Never mind, can I add Blashill to the list also? I think I answered my own question.
  5. Ah ok, I did not know this.
  6. I am trying really hard to be with you on this. But Blashill.... he just kills any hope I have at this point. I still think they are just delaying a much needed rebuild... Today is a mix day of personal opinions and thoughts to say the least about this team and where we are at this moment. Right now I hope we finish the season on a high note, that's all I got.
  7. Gonna do my best to be optimistic today. Agree with LeftWinger. Lets finished the season strong! Only down 1 boys!
  8. I agree with GMRwings1983, at this very moment and the last 2-3 season Yzerman has been a better GM. I also disagree with anyone thinking Yzerman just gonna walk away from TB the sec Holland done. To me that wouldn't be the Yzerman I grow up watching. He wouldn't just leave, it would be very classless. I have no idea what his contract is or how a GM contracts work. But I cannot see him just up and leaving after all hes done in TB. Yzerman is as loyal as he is all world class. It would be a classless and dishonest move to just bounce on any contract he has with TB. If he finishes his contract in TB than comes here, that's something I can believe. Anyone know Yzerman contract with TB at this moment?
  9. Wow.. This week / month has been rough. Mike Ilitch passing away. Along with my own personal loses. I wish he could of at least of had the chance to see his new Arena finished. Rest in peace, Mr.Ilitch.
  10. I posted the very sentence I put in the Nielsen FA topic. Which was yet again... I feel pretty meh about the signing, We needed a top 6 center. Why do I need to post that very topic? When I already quote what I said form that topic. "funny" indeed. You assumed my "tone" change since last summer. Which I proved easily has not. I have very few posts as it is, you can easily see that easily since JUNE, my tone has not changed at all. When it comes to this team or Nielsen or Holland. I've been "scapegoating" Ken Holland since June if you go by my post history, again my "tone" has not just since last summer. At this point I am done proving myself about my own post history. Move on. Nice try.
  11. No. No I did not. You mean this post of mine in JUNE. Pretty that's very much the same tone I have now. Or do you mean my topic about maybe going after Martin type forward, in my Lesser FA topic. Which we did, called Ott.I I don't have a single about post being happy about Nielsen. I gave it a "meh" that we needed a top 6 center. It was nothing to be happy about. I guess that means I was jumping for joy, oh boy. But nice try.
  12. Yea I guess I can a bit. They have no problems airing dirty laundry when it comes to the Tigers when I think about it tho. Not that Holland has anything to do with the Tigers, but it's still another Major Sport team owned by Illitch.
  13. Sorry, but we could of drafted Cychrun and still signed Helm, Vanek and Ott. What we used Datz cap space mostly on was Nielsen. I'll take Cychrun and eat Datz cap space over Nielsen at age of 32 while paying him $31.5 million, an average annual value of $5.25 million. Dman take time, everyone knows this. I don't dislike Cholowski, but the fact of the matter is we had a chance at a Dman that was top 5-10 ranked in the draft for half of last season, than dropped a little bit. And our GM blow it. Something we've not had a chance at in years on top of years. Hell I'd rather drafted Cholowski still eaten Datz cap. I see no reason for Nielsen to be on this team. Only reason he's he because Holland "had" to do something because Stamkos didn't even look our way. At least we are 6-0 in SO now right right? I don't care about hindsight or not, that contract is crap for a team in our position. We would be in the same spot we are in now even with Stamkos. We are in no position to sign vets, it's been clearly obviously to anyone without blinders on we need a real rebuild 2 years ago. Now we are 2 years behind a rebuild, but hey at least we are gonna make the playoffs because we got Nielsen, Vanek and Ott, we also sign our great home grown talent Helm!.....Now we are stick with yet another trash contact with a player that is 32 years old.
  14. Until the day it really looks like Trashill is gonna be gone, none of this really matter. By than, with our luck all 3 will gone. Right now, I've yet to see or hear a single word that Holland or Illitch wants Trashill gone. No sarcasm , if there any real new I'd like to hear or see it.
  15. Chances are Holland stays with Blashill. Because IT'S THE RED WING WAY!. Maybe he'll kick some tires.