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  1. _SP_

    Jimmy Devellano

    Whoa. No cursing, lady! We ===D on't use those kinds of words around here.
  2. Boldy's mom would like to speak with your manager.
  3. Wondered that too. They've been all over.
  4. Why could we not trade down first... come on now...
  5. Wouldn't mind a Vancouver trade if we get their 2020 1st. I just don't see a huge standout in these next five picks.
  6. Damnit. I knew it was unlikely, but that sucks.
  7. _SP_

    Jimmy Devellano

    You have to spell it with a bunch of equal signs first. =====D ork! See?
  8. _SP_


    Goal #2 was my favorite. Marchand literally had to stay in position for 16 more seconds. Its game F'ing seven and you ish the bricks you little F'ing turd HAHAHAH F Marchand's punk arse. NHL should ban him just for the size of his stupid F"ing nose.
  9. _SP_

    GO FISH!!!!

    Bet you noticed Nagle!!!! Sadowy is on the team too.
  10. _SP_

    MacKenzie Weeger gets revenge on Paul Byron

    100% fair. He earned it. They dropped the gloves, no retaliatory cheap shot. Just desserts.
  11. _SP_

    2019 Trade Deadline

    Until he finds his way out of the "her profession" rabbit hole.
  12. I didn't realize that. I checked the wiki for the drafts and they weren't listed amongst the traded picks. I knew Zuc went to Dallas, I thought the 19 was left off as if the picks couldn't be traded because of conditions.
  13. _SP_

    2019 Trade Deadline

    I'm just here to start the stopwatch. Over/Under bets starting at 9 minutes.
  14. Where did their 2019 and 2020 picks go? The conditions could definitely affect those drafts. The Zuccarello trade involves a 2019 1st...
  15. Should have pushed for the condition to be a first. That's my only gripe. Zuccarello has TWO conditions that could bump up that trade to two firsts, and we couldn't even get one? Meh. Still, though, said from the very beginning that people are overvaluing a lot of these guys. Jensen got more, I think, because of his cap hit than his skills. Lot of suitors in play.