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    Recent Spam Attacks

    Have you analyzed the IP chain? Might be a range that needs blocked, and just leave a twitter or discord support when someone needs access but fall in that IP range (usually euro/asian fans, or deployed fans). Did that for my gaming site. Was as busy as this place back in 2006-2016. Its died out as all the 20-year-olds got off xbox, but we used to get hit hard with spam on the old Invision software.
  2. As someone that is 5'8" and 185lbs, it may not sound like a lot, but when I look at college pictures that are barely 10 years old, I see 150lb me in the best shape of my life, passing PT tests like a boss.... Yeah, I can fat shame because I know it is self-inflicted and I deserve shaming too. And Jimmy sure as hell deserves it when physical fitness greatly impacts athletic outcomes.
  3. Holy F you are the most whiney fat arse I've ever encountered on the internet. As much time as you've spent typing your responses, you could have knocked out 400 situps. But you'd rather be fat and complain about others calling you fat than doing diddly s*** about it. You are pathetic.
  4. Except, in this case, most are going to a team that is significantly higher up in the standings. You play for a paycheck, but to make it day in and day out in the NHL, you play to win. You think these guys are oblivious to where the team is in the standings or what they mean to the team after the next 60 days? Get out of here. No way a player chooses not to sign with the Red Wings because at the final eight weeks of their contract, the team might be way out of contention and trade them. Because the next set of 4 and 5 year contracts better be finishing up their season with three or four more series.
  5. Point being, the deals were beatable. And if the cost of an asset was a player, pick, money, or combination, I would think money alone would be the best. Because, guess what? The player costs money either way. The floor and ceiling are not far apart. Especially when the ROI could be ticket prices, merchandise, advertising, etc. Which comes from the PLAYER.
  6. Then take a second! Or a third! The contract is a pittance compared to value. You are talking about buying a draft pick. It is the single most efficient use of resources.
  7. Sorry, but older UFAs are virtually worthless and therefore not considered "assets" to a rebuilding team. I don't care if it was for a 2024 conditional 7th round pick, Daley and Biega should have been moved if there was even the slightest bit of interest. Especially since Lindstrom was sent down; there aren't any young defensemen around for them to be role models for and they're off the team in two months! Disappointed those guys didn't get moved. Why expiring contracts are still on the team is mindboggling.
  8. Could be intentional. I read it as a #durrrr mocking "insiders".
  9. Backes moved, along with a good prospect and a 1st in a salary dump. Same conference may have netted less, but come on... where are the Red Wings at with these missed opportunities to add picks and young bodies!
  10. Why that hasn't happened more in the last 9 months is beyond me. Should have been doing that at the draft, too.
  11. _SP_


    Dead. LOL
  12. The reporters asking question after question about Marchand... jesus were they groveling for a soundbite. I can't believe I am about to say this... Thank God there were a couple women there to steer the conversation away from manufactured drama and back to hockey. AS RIDICULOUS AS THAT SOUNDS, IT IS EXACTLY WHAT HAPPENED.
  13. _SP_

    WWE at Scotia Bank Arena

    IMO 2 games for Muzzin. 5 games for AA. Muzzin can be explained a bit due to the headlock, even though he did sweep his leg while suplexing. AA running at a guy's knee... totally inexcusable.
  14. _SP_

    Jimmy Devellano

    Whoa. No cursing, lady! We ===D on't use those kinds of words around here.
  15. Boldy's mom would like to speak with your manager.